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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Outdoors_Unlimited, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    Im looking for a book that will help me with my identification of plant materials. What book would you recomend?

    Would also be nice if the same book had info on how to care for the plants. ie: soil types, correct pruning times, water and light requirements.
  2. jhouchins

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    was wondering this same thing. What are some good ID books or websires.

  3. Valk

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    It's not a book, but I subscribed to my state's extension office horticultural weekly e-newsletter. Perhaps your state has one as well. It's free and they have an excellent online reference system - as well as phone numbers to call for direct answers. Just like in school, the more you read something, the more you might own that info/data. After 4+ years of reading them now, some of it has definitely sunk in. :laugh:

    Re: a general all-around book. Not saying anything you don't already know, but, regional information may apply to you, but what is pertinent to YOUR area may not amount to a hill of beans to someone else in another region or neighboring state...and vice versa.
  4. Swampy

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  5. grassman177

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    there is good for general plant books, and then talk to the univeristy for region specific material. they would know.

    i have a huge book of plants i will have to find and get the name for you, it is huge,i think perrennials. also i have some woody plants and botanical books from college. give me a couple of days though, i am sure you will like these suggestions.
  6. Valk

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    I would like to add that my state's weekly e-newsletter relays pertinent info with anticipated timing...meaning, you'll get the news slightly before you'll want/need to use it. The news and recommendations relate to gardening, landscape and turf management...with some interesting tidbits thrown in for good measure. The 'sell' factor is non-existent, which I like quite a bit. Useful data prevails.


    For my Kansas brothers:

    Here is how to subscribe to the Horticultural Update e-newsletter. It will be sent to your email~addy.
    Follow the "quoted" directions below the email~addy EXACTLY.

    Send an email to: mailserv@ksre.ksu.edu

    "In the subject line, type: add. In the body of the message, type: subscribe hortnews. Then press the "enter" key twice to add one blank line following the message."


    Here is the WWW version from K-State for the state of Kansas:


    You'll find their archived/reference data here as well.
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  7. lawnpro724

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    A book I would highly recommend is the Ortho Problem solver its a must for anyone in this business. There is also a very good website for plant description, identification its www.midwestlandscapeplants.org

    I hope this helps.
  8. Patriot Services

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    "Turfgrass science and culture" by James Beard. Get the hardcover version. Priceless information especially if you have any plans on doing seed, sod, ferts or pests.
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  9. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    Thanks for all the info guys. Ill check em out, but have shifted my reading towards the business end. I need more help on that end I'm realizing. 15 years as an employee, I'm pretty good in the field.

    I did purchase an id book though, specific to my region. Ill have to look what the title is. I figure, if I can id it, I can Google the care of it.
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  10. Patriot Services

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    Look at the sidebar on this site too.
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