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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by THKitty1, May 26, 2006.

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    Have a customer with possible leaf spot, red thread. Need referral for him. We are not licensed; almost found out the hard way. Of course, no affiliation between us and you; just looking to help out our customer.
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    Mr. Barefoot is down there, but I'm not sure how far he is from Union Lake. Turfscape is down near there, as well. Look either of these giuys up, and either on (or both) might go in that direction. I'm sure you will be in good hands with either one. Another thing you could do, is just give us some pics, and someone may be able to just advise you on this. I can tell you right off hand, that leaf spot is BIGTIME common right now, and as it dries up a bit, through proper cultural practices, it will subside. If it is redthread, forget it. The lawn will inevetibly die. No,..just kidding. It will subside too, as the conditions dry a bit. Anytime you have rainy conditions like we've had, and have water sitting on the grass for 10 hours a day (or more), it will happen. The rain isn't what does it, because it is a constant flush. It is when it stops raing, but is so damp, that nothing really dries or circulates. It just sits there. THIS is when we see alot of these conditions. You probably have a few shrooms coming out here and there, as well.
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    Thank you!:)

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