Looking for replacement engine 05 Gravely 272Z

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by flbowhunter51, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Hey there,

    This is my first attempt EVER to go on a blog or post a thread? (in advance plz excuse any naivety) thx!

    I'm looking for a replacement Engine for my 2005 Gravely 272Z model 992061 ser # 001578 (just picked it up at e-auction with blown motor, and missing fuel injection pump, cheapest pump I've found is $1749)

    I'll gladly accept any advise, so far with shipping I'm into this machine (county auction with 789hrs, advertised as missing parts) $1585.00, after a week, the mechanic who the county sent it to called me and confirmed the blown motor, said it was run with low oil ( can't seem to find fuel injector pump) has 35 yrs exp, has rebuilt several Gravelys with this problem and doesn't recommend rebuild, due to missing injector, cost, and low success rate on these particular engines.

    Machine, besides engine issue, seems to be in excellent shape.

    the engine is a 31hp turbo diesel, model 588447 0330 E2, ID, 950T, 0805252019. engine is made my Briggs stratton vanguard daihatsu.

    Other numbers off machine are DM950DT-Q1(tag on valve cover) and 0.953L XB raised lettering on block

    I've searched evrywhere and am ready to purchase if found and please include any options for interchangeable engines. And shipping quote to Naples , Fl 34120


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    You may want to contact Gravely directly and see what they have to say.
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    If it were me id look into fitting a kubota engine in it. Much better engine.
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