Looking For Sample Cancellation Letters

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GG Green, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. GG Green

    GG Green LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone have a sample of a cancellation letter?

    There are customers we have that we want to cancel but say it in a polite way. Sure we can up their price but even if they accepted, we still don't want them. They are always late in paying, tell us when to come, etc....

  2. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Iv written my share of them but they are always a custom letter. An example for us was we cut loose about 6-8 lawns that were too far of a drive. So we said that we are no longer going to be servicing the area north of rout 34. But you get the idea in fact one was a total obnoxious pita and the main reason for our distaste of the rout but we left that out of her letter.

    In your case you might just point out the payment history.

    Due to the continued delinquent payment history on your account we no longer can provide services.

    One you rid yourself of them and two you let them know that what they do is not acceptable and perhaps they will grow out of it with some one else. If your trying to escape pissing them off it wont happen even when you let them down as nicely as you humanly can they still get upset. I am going to be dropping 2 for parking issues.
  3. GG Green

    GG Green LawnSite Member
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    Hey thanks for your reply. I guess we can't please them all...
  4. Lefet

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    [Title] [FirstName] [LastName]
    [City], [State] [Zip]


    RE: Canceling lawn services.

    Dear [Title] [LastName],

    I am sorry to inform you that [CompName] will no longer be able to provide service for your property.
    ____________________ will be our last service day. We are in the process of consolidating our company and are only able to keep a certain number of clients in a given area.

    I will be glad to refer you to other lawn care providers in the area if you need me to.




    Short, sweet, to the point. No harm, no foul.
  5. xclusive

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    Nice and simple letter.
  6. GG Green

    GG Green LawnSite Member
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    Really like this letter. As you said, nice and simple, no harm. Thanks so much for your reply, greatly appreciated.
  7. justanotherlawnguy

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    Who sends letters? If they are worth canceling, they're not worth a stamp! Get that last paycheck and stop showing up! Deadbeats know that they are deadbeats, the letter is just gonna piss them off. Then you gotta deal with trying to get paid after you canceled them.
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  8. Lefet

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    You're welcome. Good, bad or indifferent client, you be the one to end it on a positive, professional level. One bad word travels 10 times as fast as a good one.
  9. ralph02813

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    I like this also, but I cannot help but want to point out that we'd love to serve you, but with all our efforts we have been unable to convince you the prompt payment is important.
  10. Lefet

    Lefet LawnSite Bronze Member
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