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I'm looking to buy a skid steer used. Can't find any around my area. Do you guys know of any place that would sell them used? What's the best to buy? How are the ramrod, bobcats, etc...? Thanks!


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It shouldn't be hard to find a used Skidsteer, but don't expect them to be cheap. I have a Case 1840, which we rented then used the rent equity to purchase it. I got it from the local Case dealer, not from a private party. In your case, I'm not sure where in Mass. you are, but check around at the dealers for trade ins, or check at the Bobcat dealer for rentals that are being sold. Bobcat is going to be competitive because Caterpillar is launching an attack on the market (IMHO0), especially rentals. Cat hasn't had skidsteers long enough to find used ones. Otherwise, large rental companies, like United Rentals, always have equipment for sale. Don't buy a brand that doesn't have a dealer near you though. This might cost more in the long run. <p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply - http://members.aol.com/slsnursery<br>Ivy League Landscaping - http://members.aol.com/scagrider


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Go to www.newhollandconstruction.com They have 4 dealers in Mass. Look at a rental unit, try not to buy a unit that has more than 2000 hrs on it, Test it, check for loose pins, worn out fittings make sure they greased it. Check the pumps no noise comoming from them and have them check out chain drive (no metal in oil)<p>----------<br>paul<p>

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