Looking for some advice/wisdom on a bush and tree removal

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Marinucci_Landscaping, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Hey all,

    I've got two different jobs, one involving removing a series of bushes, and another involving cutting down two trees. I'd like to see if I could get some advice on whether or not you (who have more experience than I) think I would be able to get the job done and the price I should charge for the bushes, and again what you would price to remove the two trees. I've attached pictures of both jobs at the bottom.

    Starting with the bushes, I have pulled bushes before, but not to this extent. As far as I know, this type of bush (don't know the name) is "relatively" shallow rooted. I've heard they pretty much just all pull out once you get it going, but I'm honestly a little unsure here. First off, is a GMC Sierra 1500 series going to be able to get the job done here? Secondly, I have no idea what I would estimate the job at... being that I've never removed a hedgerow before. I know we would need to dump it (or possibly chew it up) and grade the area when it was all said and done... so we would need a yard or so of topsoil (I would think), a tamper, and seed. Honestly, I haven't done grading to this extent either, but I could probably figure it out if need be. Any thoughts or advice on any (or hopefully all) of the above would be greatly appreciated.

    For the trees, I'm thinking I'm going to need to rent a bucket to be able to cut trees down from the top down, otherwise I run the risk of damaging the fence. I'm insured, but I'd rather do it the safe way unless someone can suggest a method otherwise. I know we could try roping the piece over, but I'd rather not for a bunch of reasons. Now, I've done tree removal before... but on smaller scales when I was much smaller. My main question is, what would you charge to remove and dispose of these two trees?

    I have more pictures of both if need be. Both jobs come from current customers, so I'll get the jobs if I can explain what it will take, and price them right. I've always lived by the motto that if I don't know something, to go to someone who does, so here I am. Thank you very much in advance, I greatly appreciate the time.

    - Marinucci





  2. Marinucci_Landscaping

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    Really looking for some help here.

    - Marinucci
  3. Yo

    For the bushes to just remove I would charge $150. Keep in mind I don't know what they are and any obstacles. FYI, you don't need to use a truck. Invest in some quality shovels and dig em out.

    I would charge $200 to take each tree down, not including dumping,etc. You don't need a bucket. Either use a 12' A-frame and rope it off in sections or take off the smaller stuff with a telescoping or gas pole saw and take a chainsaw to the bigger stuff.
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    Hey Diamond...:waving:

    Que Pasa? I'm getting to be sorry I post anything on the pest control site... Took your advise, cut back 12 minutes on the water. It's an L&O problem not a yardboy's. The rest of the property look great by the way.

    Any way, $150 to dig out those bushes? That sounds low to me. Those bushes are established & so well rooted, also looks to be about 20-30 ft. of them, plus what's behind we can't see. I'm also seeing a mature oak to the right of those bushes so there will be roots to contend with. Removal dumping, etc. Three man crew = 4 hrs = 12 manhours X cost plus travel time to the dump and dump fees. $150 I think you'll come up short.

    As far as the trees are concerned, assuming those power lines are behind them, I'd set up a couple of cones and drop them all at once. Once on the ground, it only takes us a little while to cut them down to size and load them on my dump trailer while a man directs traffic around the work site. looks like a quiet street. I'd rather not have a man up in the tree and hook up a block and tackle to lower branches.

    Again, 3 men X 4 hours X cost & travel & dump... don't know if they want the stumps ground, but I would sub that out. Renting a grinder is expensive and a guy with one of those Vermeer monsters will have it done in about 30 minutes.
  5. Yea, it gets pretty "egotistical" over there...those guys are very knowledgeable but are set in thier ways so to speak.

    He said the roots were shallow so I figured it should be an easy removal. $150 was only to yank em out. No disposal/hauling. I don't know that plant so I am going off of his advice.
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    Thank you both very much. I'm only assuming those are shallow rooted... the bushes. I've dug them out before, but they were much smaller. There is a lot of mess in there as well... I can't help but wonder if my little 1500 series Sierra will be able to provide enough power to yank the damn things.

    I'd love to be able to just drop those two trees at once... but I'm concerned about dropping them into the street/ground and the damage they may cause. Would you recommend trying to cut out as much of the lower branches first before dropping 'em? Or just letting them straight up go and then dismembering the trees once they were on the ground? Directing the fall isn't too much of a concern of mine.

    Regardless, many thanks to you both! Let me know what you think when you can.

    - Marinucci
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    a 1500 sierra has a v8 in it, probably something of the 5.- variety. I pull out BUSHES I'm talking man bushes with a 20 year old 2wd ranger with a 2.3 litre 4 bangor in it. You will be fine. As long as you have a rope or strap/chain long enough to get your tires on pavement you will be good. Put it in 1st and step on the gas till the chain gets tight, then slowly press the gas till you feel it give.

    200$ to cut those trees down?! hahahahahaha

    cut all the branches you can off till its just a spear sticking up, then cut off like 3-4 foot sections notch one side and have a rope tied around it. Someone pull on the rope and cut from the opposite side of the notch with your chainsaw and it "should" just fall off and hopefully not land on the hired helps head.
  8. Don't know why you are laughing at $200/tree. There's liability, insurance,labor,etc. If you are worried about dropping it at once do like I said and take off smaller limbs first with a tele polesaw or gas powered polesaw and then drop off what's left in a couple of different sections.

    I think it looks unprofessional to rip out bushes with your truck but if that's what you want to do go for it.
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    dont think he is laughing because its to high

    those two are a grand easy
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    X2... Thumbs Up

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