Looking for some advice/wisdom on a bush and tree removal

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Marinucci_Landscaping, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. McGaw

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    Use it to cut down the trees. Then use it to cut out as much of the bushes as possible. Check the root sizes from there, and just pull/dig them out. It would take no more than 2hours to have the bushes cut, pulled, and loaded. Especially if there are two guys. The trees wouldn't take the long either.
    I beleive someone mentioned renting a stump grinder for the bushes? You're going to have to grind the stumps out from the trees anyway. Maybe this would be the best root, chainsaw and sub out to someone with a stump grinder?

    What did you end up doing?
  2. jvanvliet

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    I think you call in one of those Marine Corps $hithooks, err i mean Chinook lifters. Have them hoover over the bushes and attach all the chain you just bought and have Chinooks lift the bushes out... then you can do the same thing with those whimpy trees... OR;

    You can man up, dig out the shrubs and cut down the friggin trees, just drop em and cut them up... Sub out the stump grinding get your check and have a cold beer. Good grief, this job isn't all that complicated.
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    Call local utility 811 locate underground service. Yank out bushes with truck it you can put it on pavement. Soil will be lose and tilled by the time you get all the roots out seed over water. Throw a rope up in the trees and use the notch/hinge method and drop it in the street. Start at the top and give room for cars ASAP. This job should be done in less than 8 hours with 2 men working it and would be a low but still fair price @ $1,500 with the bushes, trees and stumps gone and seeded in.
  4. dgw

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    good price , i concur
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    sorry wrong thread.
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    We use tow straps and yank out shrubs fairly frequently whenever we can do it without getting the truck off the pavement. I've never understood why some say this is less than professional. On the other hand, if they will pop out quickly with a shovel/pry bar, that takes even less time. We will use the truck when they have to be dug.

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