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What a great site!!! I'm sure you guys can help me.
Here is my situation...I do a lot of working in my yard (landscaping) and decided to buy a Kubota BX 2200 it has a loader and a 60" mower deck. Since I'm gonna spend 10K on this tractor I need to make some extra cash to pay for it....so I'm seriously thinking on starting to cut lawns in the evening after i get off work and weekends. I'm really doing this for the tax break and extra money. Do you guys think this tractor will do ok vs a ZTR mower? Also i can buy or rent a 3 point hitch tiller to seed new lawns.
I started out just wanting this Kubota so I can have it many years down the road, then I started looking into the lawn care business to pay for this Kubota. I know a ZTR mower would be best, but I guess I'm just trying to get a feel on wether or not its foolish to be cutting grass with this tractor. Hope this makes sense to who ever reads it :)



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zimmerman mn.
You may want to go after yard work with that tractor, like discing,
brush cutting, lot clearing and leveling, tilling,seeding, and landscape etc.


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Western NY
This is not an easy question to ansewer.
If you are just using the 2200 to mow then a z turn mower would be a lot better.

If you need the other capabilities of the tractor-mowing, brush hogging, tilling, post hole digging, material moving, back hoeing
then the tractor is the only way to go.

the only problem with the tractor mowing is the weight of the unit on the lawn. If your area is wet or even if you have a wet season the light the unit or the larger the area of the tires you need.

I own a B2910 kubota and the versitility of the tractor is the best for my business but i also have a JD rider for the smaller yard or wet yards. but the tractor offers me so much more services to offer by customer or other contractors. I prefer doing a variety of work rather than just mowing.
I hope this helps

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