Looking for some equipment

shawn d

LawnSite Senior Member
Hey guys I have been in the business for 4 years and got out last season, But I have decided to get back into things in 2012. But looking to take it slow. I sold my box truck mowing rig in the spring and looking to ease back into things

I am looking for the following within 200 Miles of Indianapolis

Truck Chevy or Ford max $2000 a 90's 1500 or F150/F250

Trailer 6x12 or 6x10 max $750

Mowers: Looking for a ZTR & W/B. Not afraid of hours if its in decent shape.
PM me info. Looking to keep it under $2000 on the ZTR and under $1000. on the w/b

Stihl or Echo handhelds. PM me what you have and how much

Thanks guys