Looking for some help to bid this residential please.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Well i got my first call from the new sign i put in my yard and i just went to go look at the property and here is what i found,i will be going back tonight at 7 to meet the home owner and to quote my bid. Any help would be appreciated. First of all the lawn is a train wreck to start,tons of over growth onto walkways and drive way,dont look like it was ever edged before.Now mind you this is an end unit that has a walking path 'black top" going around and up too this property.I took some notes and measurements while i was their and here is what i came up with--actual lawn to be cut is 193'x 44' or 8,492 sq ft pretty much open where i could use my 60 ztr but then again might be better off with my 36 wb due to the 16 obstacles i counted in the way like small trees,ac unit,old covered over rocks trying to make a tree ring etc.. If they want the entire property edged including the pathway surrounding the property and drive way its like 400 ft of edging and if not the about 150 ft for driveway and walk only.It is jan 28th and it looks like this lawn is in need of a cut right now thats how un cared for this lawn is.Now i know once i get the initial edging done and a fresh cut this wont be that bad to maintain and this would be an awsome place for me to get my foot in the door for their are like 300 homes in this place,only the end units are this size all others are like 1/2 size.
  2. bigw

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    anyone have any thoughts?
  3. MarcSmith

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    well asphalt is much "harder" imo to edge than Concrete. It looks like you have a lot of hand work, and the intial clean up is the key. figure your price first on regular maintenance IE tell them up front how much it cost to cut and maintain on a regular basis. Nu the key is to guestimate on how long it will take to get th e property into shape. a few hours?, is it something that you could do and then amortize into their monthly payment. IE say your monthly service equates to 100 a month and it will cost them 150 to "get into shape", you could then spread those payments over the life of the contract to help play down the sticker shock......so on a 10 month contract they'd be paying an extra 15 a month to cover the initial clean upon about an extra 8 bucks a cut....provided they stick with you all year....

    what type of grass is it?
  4. bigw

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    Im going to say tall fescue,so what would a good bid on this be for the weekly service?
  5. newbomb

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    I think I would quote them an hourly rate to do the initial clean up with an estimate of hours to do it. Then a qoute for regular lawn care. Marc Smith suggested rolling the price into a monthly bill to make it more appealing to the customer. If this is new customer that you do not have a history with I think I would get my money at time of service. I would also estimate high on the hours needed so the customer is not overwhelmed when the bill comes. I you qoute 6 hours @ $40 per hour $240 and it takes 4 hours $160 you made fair money and the customer pays less than they expected. Everyone is happy.

    For weekly service I would charge $35 per cut just to allow for all the trimming.
  6. takeittothelimit

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    First of all what are they looking for, an initial clean-up, as well as seasonal maintenance? are they wanting thier lawn rehabilitated, or just manacured nicely. Take these issues into account, sell them mulch to go around some of those trees, check to see if they want you to reset thier rock tree ring or remove completly replacing with mulch. It looks like you got some sound advice on pricing from the other responses, I would think about talking to them about the issues I brought up in addition when you go, and good luck.
  7. Allens LawnCare

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    Becareful with jobs like this....I'd draw up a contract....you don't want to give them a break on the inital clean up and cut to get "your foot in the door". Last thing you want is to do a great job and have them switch over to Joe's Lawn mowing for $20 a cut. I'd charge between 35-40 a cut.....and explain to them the estimate might sound high but due to the conditions of the yard it will be a lot of work but worth every penny.
  8. bigw

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    Thats abouth what i was thinking like 40.00 a week if they want it all edged and 35 if just the driveway and walk.I was thinking i will ask them if they want me to do an intial cleanup and mow at a per hr rate of somewhere around 45-55$ per hr,is that too low or high?
  9. bigw

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    one hr left anyone else want to chime in?
  10. Johnson LCO

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    Check your pms bigw

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