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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ray_Lawns, Mar 15, 2013.

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    I have a friend wanting to totally redo their landscaping and I am looking for some fresh ideas. As you will see from the pics it's a total mess right now. What do you guys think would look good and be something different to do here? They are on the fence about leaving the small pond, i suggested if they do that it should be redone no doubt. I am in zone 8 and want to stay as cost effective as possible to help them out.




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    You need to take pictures of the landscape the way it is going to be viewed by others. People tend to take pictures the way they look at the subject. The way you have taken these pictures is saying that you look at these as spaces to be filled rather than as how they affect the house and the larger landscape.

    Go out to the streetand look at the entire property from that perspective (and take a picture or two from there). Look at it from how people arriving there are going to see it - from down the street, from the end of the driveway, from half way up the driveway, ...

    Look at the house and ask yourself what looks good or not so good about it. What can you do with plants and/or hardscaping to affect that? Look for views that should be screened or distracted from or those that should be enhanced. Take on the big picture and then fill in the details as it all comes together.
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    I just snapped a few pics for myself as a reference, I hadn't planned on asking for help on it but why not. I am totally with you as far as creating a design. I know I want to hide the unit and water spigot I am just having trouble with plant selection. It seems like I see the same thing everywhere around here and I am ready to step outside the box.

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