Looking for some irrigation help and a sub for some work in Ocean County NJ

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mow It All llc, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Mow It All llc

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    Hey guys, im new to irrigation. I am starting class in June but need some help on starting up in the late spring. I got the basics from books, websites and on here. I am looking for someone to help me out.....Im not looking to steal anyones work I have to much as it is. I am going to take care of Start up and close downs for my exsisting customers on my own but will also be looking for a sub to take care of repairs and installs...I know I have 2 apartment complex's that are going to be doing installs this spring. They are BIG jobs....Well if anyone is will to help me and to do some sub work it would be appreciated. I will need proof of insurance for sub work.
  2. Mike Leary

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    Boots..here's your chance!
  3. Wet_Boots

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    Ocean County? Phhhhht. I hate toll roads.
  4. JB926

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    im located in hazlet, monmouth county. I am licensed and insured. Call me, my cell is 732-778-0622 names Matt. interested in the service and Big install you talk about.

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