Looking for some particular TTTF seed.

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    Morning everyone,

    My family just moved into a new home and the lawn is in horrible shape (the house sat empty for about 8 months). The front and back were planted Kentucky Blue Grass (KBG) and Per. Rye, but the front has no KBG left (only Rye and Crabgrass), and the back has KGB, but is very thin. Now, I'm not a lawn aficionado, but since I know the yard needs serious help I spent the time investigating what would be best in the way of seed.

    I dug through the NTEP site, and spread sheeted out about 8 categories for my region (Drought Resistance, Density, Disease, Height, establishment rates, ectÂ…). If KS wasn't available, I based the scores on Missouri or Nebraska (whichever available, or an average of those scores available). I narrowed those 160 down to ten, and then narrowed that to these three varieties:


    Now the problem is finding any of those varieties! Does anyone know of a place that sells these particular varieties of seed? I've tried all the usual sources (Seedland, Seed Super Store, ect..) with no luck. I've contacted several of the seed wholesalers, but so far nobody has yet responded. I've also been up and down Google/Yahoo with little luck.

    Appreciate anything you can help with, and have a great day


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