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looking for specialized sod rake

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ahaycoman, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. ahaycoman

    ahaycoman LawnSite Member
    from Montana
    Messages: 1

    Hello everyone...this is my first post on this site, but I came over from the plowsite, so I'm sure of the same very helpful and knowlegeable people are here, since I know that these two seasonal business are very often tied together.

    I contract sod deliveries for a very successful sod farm in this area and have been since the early '80s. That's all I do--I don't lay it-I don't cut it-I don't prep for it--I just haul it. I've had the opportunity to be an independent observer of some of the best (and the worst) landscapers in this area, so I do know a little bit about the business from that standpoint. I only say this to advise you that I'm not totally unaware of the business, although admittedly what I know is from my observations. (I could sure tell some wild stories about some goofy things I've seen though.......!)

    Anyway, onward and upward.

    Mostly for tax reasons, last year I purchased a sod installer for unrolling the large (24-32") rolls. This is a new self-propelled unit and is one of only two in the state I understand. My intention is to run this as another sideline concurrently with my delivery service and I have convinced myself that the two will complement each other well. I don't have any real concerns other than the knowlege that before we really begin to know what we're doing, we'll encounter problems and pitfalls. It would help me to no end if any of you who have been here could just throw out some fatherly advice (although I'm probably older than many of you, I can overlook it this time).

    :D Specifically, I need to know if any of you have used a double-faced rake to push/pull the pieces into place. If you could tell me if somebody makes those or have you found it necessary to fabricate your own? I have seen these in use, but the ones I saw were something that somebody had made out of your good old homeowner rake(s) and a lot of cobbled up welding to adjust the angles of the teeth. I think there must be a better way. These tools were also very heavy, I think, for extended periods of use for all but the body-builders among us. I'm definitely not one of those, so I'm looking for another solution. Ideas.........?

    Any offerings, tips, advice, ideas...etc. will be greatly appreciated. I want to thank you in advance, because if there is the wealth of information available here that I have run across on the plowsite, I know I'll have lots of good answers.

    Good hopes for you all and please say a few prayers for our guys in the middle east.:angel:

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