Looking for suggestions for my mobile Billboard

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Mrdlawnlandscape, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. wayside

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    yeah dont list your services i agree looks like crap. get a nice and clean logo .
  2. bluesprucelawncare

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    heres my take on enclosed trailers. the last guy i worked for had a gray 20ft enclosed and he had twin girls 1yr old and the name was meadow valley lawn care ( not bad name) we did normal services sno mow light landscaping normal. it was only his seconded year doing to fulltime so the customer count wasn't very big (60 res a week 3 subdivisions). but we both wanted to logo it and we both wanted a wrap. he wanted his girls in it. a full wrap was 5g or more doing the name in the very front on the sides and the last third of the trailer have a fade picture of a nice green lawn with the girls playing on it and nice landscaped bed and the very end and maybe a little pic on the back but the name still would have been 1ft tall letters and # and what not. for what i just listed it would have been 3g but you go buy a phone book ad and its 5g a year (YEAR) for 1/3 page and its low ballers they look in the book go down the list calling for the cheapest none of us want to be the cheapest so why not dump that 3g into the trailer it will last 10yrs or so thats what they say about sun fade. trailer will be worn out by then usually so spend some money and make ppl really see you and your always gonna be where they can see the huge name and see the work with it and you will become the thought when they think lawn care and such. i realize i dont have a enclosed trailer yet but its a matter of time. think about it
  3. willretire@40

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    I did the research before on full car wraps. They say that it is better then a half page ad in a phone book. Complete that with a vanity number and you should be set.
  4. King Cuts Landscaping

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    Our 20 foot simple and to the point, I think. Our 16 foot is the same way.

  5. Carolina Cuts

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    keep it simple, but with a good look... mobile billboard is the right idea...


    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Carolina Cuts-- I really like that trailer. It looks really great.
  7. a&j lawncare llc

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    take a nice pic of a lawn u do and have it printed on to a big sticker..along with your name and number..ill see if i can find u some pic of what iam talking about..
  8. a&j lawncare llc

    a&j lawncare llc LawnSite Member
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  9. nnj18

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    Bill, he thats the original posters trailer...he copied the picture and edited it quickly to show a sample design.
  10. newtostone

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    I am thinking something lime green and white, make it really stand out.

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