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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by MSgardener, Feb 26, 2003.

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    I am a first time user. I am not a professional in the lawncare business but rather an owner of property on the Mississippi Gulf Coast who hopes to retire there someday. I enjoy visiting the forum to pick up useful tips. I own 3.2 acres of flat land with few trees (at this time). I commute 1 hour and twenty minutwes to get to my property. In the summer time the grass grows very fast due to summer heat and rain. I own a 1988 Toro Groundsmaster with a 72" outfront deck powered by a 31 hp diesel. I have replaced all the spindles at least once and sometimes twice in the 2 1/2 years I have owned it. The mower was pretty well abused by the previous owner. He held the grass cutting contract for many of the schools in my hometown. The engine is about 5 years old which is really why I bought it . My dealer gives me excellent service and he loaned me an exmark lazer hp with a 60" deck the last time my machine went down. I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. My time is limited and the machine gave me a fast but clean cut. In the summer, the max I can go without cutting the grass is approx 11 days. Otherwise it really puts a strain on my TORO. The one thing I am not able to do easily is adjust the height of my TORO. You set it at the beginning of the season with spacers and that is what you are stuck with. Anyway, I am looking for suggestions. I thought the Exmark was great and want to know what you guys who use them day in and day out would suggest I buy. My funds are limited but the ZTR struck me as the way to go. In terms of model, hp and cutting deck, what would you suggest I buy? I realize this is a very generalized question but appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey! It was great to run into a Lawnsite member today. Always a pleasure to shake the hand of a potential future Exmark owner and I hope you enjoyed the show. I wish you could have stuck around. The guys at the school had some great things to say about there Lazers and their mulch kits.

    If your don't mind the time it takes to cut you property now, realistically as 52" Lazer or Lazer HP will probably match your current mowing time of your current machine pretty easily. Technology has just passed your unit by. You've still got a good unit for what your using it for but if you want to reduce your mowing time the 60" will certainly do that. I don't thing you need a 72" unless you really want it.

    As a side note I talked to your dealer after you had left and he's got a special on the 23hp 60" Lazers right now. I don't want to quote you the price because your dealer has set it but it is about $1000 off right now. It's a real tough deal to pass up. He's also got the same demo unit that will be discounted later this summer or early this fall. You may want to talk to him about that unit as well.

    I'd love to hear what some of the Lawnsite members have to say as well. They spend more time cutting grass with one than I do and may be able to steer you in another direction.

    Hope this helps.


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