looking for Super Z 60/28efi or?

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  1. I'm in the market for a zero turn and decided on Hustler. This will be my first Zero turn. I looked at the 25 kaw and thought it might not be enough power. Most of the grass we cut is on very uneven ground.

    PJ - Can you tell me if any dealers in the northeastern Maryland area (Harford County) have any in stock now? If not, is there a way for me to contact the rep. for this area and see if he/she may know of one close by.

    The dealer I'm talking to now has a Super Z in stock, 60 / 25 kaw. for 8500.00. How does that price seem? Thanks
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    Price is good on that mower.
    I don't work with the dealers in your area, but i can get your information to who does, e-mail me and i will have them get in contact with you.

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    I would check American Service Center in Elkon, MD. Customer service is excellant, ask for Marty.

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