looking for the right size skid steer

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by POND DUDE, Dec 7, 2010.


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    Maybe some can suggest the right size skid steer, all wheel steer, or track steer. I am looking to accomplish two tasks, first is to be able to off load a truck with skids of rock of about 2000 - 2500 max. lbs. I am also looking to go into backyards and will most likly have to go through gates, so a smaller unit (48") is perferred. I would like to possibly attach a backhoe unit for digging. lastly, is it possible for an excavator to lift and swing 2500lbs off a truck, if a lifting jig is used? Is there a machine that can do this or am I dreaming? Any help would be appreicated, Thanks
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    Might have better luck posting this in the 'Heavy Equipment' Forum.

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    Thanks, will do!

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