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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DFQL, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. DFQL

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    We are looking for Symbiot sub-contractors that have not been paid for work they performed at various national chains for the Symbiot Group. We have received information that the stores of the contractors that we have contacted have paid Symbiot for all work, also we have been told by a associate of Symbiot that is leaving that monies have been spent on 'other things'.

    We believe that there is questionable business practices with the people at Symbiot and because of this, alot of contractors will be hurt. I am going to be talking to a national law firm to go after these people along with the Attorney General for their actions.

    Please refer anyone with information to us at guydougherty.dfql@verizon.net.
    Thank you.
  2. AL Inc

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    DFQL- There was a thread about this over on Plowsite. Had more to do with monies due from Snow Management Group, which was acquired by Symbiot. Seems now Symbiot is not making good on its promises. Hope it works out for you guys.
  3. PROCUT1

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    this thread will be gone before noon
  4. Ali Anderson

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    As a member of the Symbiot team, allow me to share the facts regarding some concerns you've posted here.

    First, Symbiot is not operating via questionable business practices. Symbiot has always valued its partnerships and will continue to work in promotion of the best interest of its partnering service providers. Symbiot is paying people as soon as possible. Funds currently are being stretched, but accounts will be made current before the end of the year.

    We have many investors who are continuing to put money into our successful business model because we have proven that it works. National consolidation is a large trend in the industry, and Symbiot has a bright future ahead. Our model is superior to competitors because the local contractor is at the heart of our operation. Our business plan is to pay service providers promptly; and as I stated before, what currently is happening is not how Symbiot has operated in the past. We will return to our standing policy of timely payments in the near future.

    Hundreds of checks have left our office over the last couple of weeks, and we will continue to send checks out. Unfortunately, these checks are not received as quickly as the contractors would like to receive them. Again, payments have gone out, are going out and will continue to go out until all accounts are brought current.

    Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.

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    Can someone explain to me what is Symbiot.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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  7. Ric

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    Are you not the same person From L & L magazine??? and do you or your employer not have a vested interest in the survival of Symbiot??? I will not express my long time opinion of Symibot. However it does appear some good folks are losing out on this deal. Even if they get paid, they have lost cash flow which might of allowed them to make a profit from other jobs. Just My Humble Opinion
  8. Sean Adams

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    Not speaking for Ali but I know she at one time worked for L&L Magazine but now works solely for Symbiot. As far as this thread is concerned, it is not going anywhere unless it gets out of hand. I allowed this discussion to go on at plowsite.com and Ali answered questions, brought some light to the situation, etc... Being this is a serious issue, again, it's not going anywhere, but I do not want this to turn into some sort of "witch-hunt".
  9. Rawlings

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    If you are not operating under questionable business practices, can you explain where all of the money is going?

    You are taking money for annual dues, partnership fees, income from operations and all of this additional money from investors. Where is the money going? IMO, this is showing the classic signs of another Enron catastrophy.

    If your business model is so successful, seems to me that your investors would be getting their dividends or returns and not having to kick in more.

    Can you please explain?
  10. out4now

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    As far as I could tell from doing research, Symbiot is not publicly traded so dividends wouldn't be an issue. If I'm wrong on this and you have a stock symbol and know the exchange the finacial reports would be available and may shed some light on things but from what I could see it is most likely privately held. It is a corporation and the state of Utah does have info on file but they charge for it. An acid quick ratio will give you some idea of how viable they really are. Utah has them listed as "active" and in "good standing" whatever that means.

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