Looking for Work in Connecticut ~ Spring 2012

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Robbo, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Robbo

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    I've owned a Successful Landscape / Snow Plowing Company for 25yrs+

    Shop is based in Orange Ct.06477 We have lost some good help around 2010
    ( Husband & wife snowplowing team , moved out of State )
    ( Foreman went out on his own ) Our current mowing contracts have ended and we don't have much work at the moment.

    Partially my own fault ( all eggs in one basket dilemma ) lost after 16yrs, Snow Contract with 16+ locations throughout the State. Also dealing with some Property Managers that shouldn't be managers :dizzy:

    We have always strived hard to satisfy Customers with Reliable, Quality work. Resulting in 5,10,15 yr+ relationships with customers.

    My problem is that while trying to rebuild a reliable workforce and at the same time bidding cost effective work somehow lost our balance and have not accomplishing that goal .

    I am looking for contractors in my area looking for part time or full time workers to consider hiring us ( sub ). I am looking into purchasing a mowing route in my area before i Cannabalize My Company . 3 Plow Vehicles , 3 Mowers , Numerous Handheld equipment ,5 plows, 5 spreaders etc....

    If you are looking to grow but don't want to invest in equipment at this time ?? give us a call. Will consider any and all types of landscaping work.

    We can do deliveries, mowing , cleanups, mulching, planting, or ????? We can do the dirty work :weightlifter:

    Not looking for handouts or having a pity party. Just want to get back on my feet and feel the Pride I used to feel . Husband and Wife team since 1988

    I realize that other Companies are feeling the pinch of this economy and hope
    this is something you are looking for at this time . We can work with you or can do it on our own.

    We have a handful of mows now and work set up for next winter ( snow contracts ). but we need :help:
    If interested lets meet.

    Give me a call 203-215-7726 Rob or Email leonardservices@hotmail.com

    Thanks for listening . Appreciate feedback or suggestions
  2. phlandscaping

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    I'm sorry to hear this, it seems that many customers these days are looking for bottom dollar and not so much customer service and quality work. I've even had a few lost bids call me to thank me for the way I dealt with them but they found someone cheaper... Those companies are the ones that will lose in the long run just keep your head up, things will improve!
  3. Robbo

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    Thanks PH, I was so busy pleasing a 16yr customer with multiple properties that i didnt see a need at the time to aggressively market myself. Usually i had a good sense about these type of things . :sleeping:

    Some contracts were year to year , also some 3-5 yr stuff. all kinda ran together . Overlapped great til it all came crashing down.

    Anything ?? Anybody ??

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