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Discussion in 'Employment' started by ElitePropertyService, Jan 10, 2010.

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    Currently, I am employed with a landscape company, however, I am a bit unhappy, and would like a better commute. I have 5 years experience in the business, in everything from sales, to management, to installs on hardscapes, water features, etc. Also very well versed in snow and ice control. I am very motivated, a self starter, clean cut and professional, posses a clean ohio driver's license, and have no problem with a drug screening.. Currently, I manage 7 employees, and 5-6 sub contractors.

    As far as equipment goes, I have a clean safety record and experience with everything from hedge trimmers to large wheel loaders. I have a wide variety of hand, power, air and specialty tools, and am experienced with OPE, light and medium duty truck, and trailer repair.

    What, I am looking for is to join a small company and help build it up. I will consider any opportunity, but, I take the most pride in taking little and turning it into a lot. Would consider going in as a partner with a startup, I own a 4x4 superduty, have capital, and own a multitude of the tools of the trade.

    If any of the above sounds enticing, please drop me a PM or an email at: nukaferdriver@yahoo.com. Thanks for your time, and good day.

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