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Looking for Zero Turn Advice

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jimbosyn, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. jimbosyn

    jimbosyn LawnSite Member
    Messages: 11

    We just moved into a new home with 12.5 acres. 4 acres is grass and the rest is wooded. The grassy area is flat. 2 acres is pretty much Bermuda, and the other 2 is what I would call a lightly wooded grove with weeds. The 2 with Bermuda will be cut every 1-2 weeks depending on growth. The weedy grove will probably be once a month. We live in the Atlanta Georgia area, so the mowing season is long here.

    I do not currently own a riding mower at all. My oldest son and I maintained our previous .75 acre home with a Honda self propelled and an old Murray push mower.

    I don't love cutting grass, but I don't hate it either. I have six kids, and prefer to spend my weekends hiking, camping, or watching football with them. I'd like the lawn to be completed on a weekday evening after work. My oldest son is able to use the push mower, weedwacker, and blower.

    I have settled on a John Deere Zero turn mower. There is a dealer 5 miles from my house, and they have been great to work with so far. So, I have a few questions to ask you guys since you are the pros.

    My options are
    1) Z445 54 inch with Kawi motor
    2) z910A 54 inch with Kawi motor

    I looked at the 700 series, but the quoted price between the z910a and the z710a was only about $450 more than the z710a.

    Which would you pick? I have 5k cash for the purchase, and the dealer is quoting me 0% for the difference if I go with the z910a.

    Is the 900 series overkill for my lawn? The Z445 is going to be around $4500 OTD, and the Z910A will be about $7750. They are offering free delivery. How long can I expect the 910 to last? Will it last 10 years? I don't anticipate putting more that 100hours a year on the machine. I have 5 sons who will be able to help with the lawn as they get a little older, so over time I'll be getting a CUT tractor to help maintain the property as well, then the lawn cutting can be shared among them.

    How long do you think it would take on average to cut the full 4 acres?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Landrus2

    Landrus2 LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,896

    Here in long island New York a guy that moves into a 12.5 acres home he needs a gardener and with a big crew.:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  3. Landrus2

    Landrus2 LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,896

    Ok don’t use it for snow removal:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

  4. ucfbrian

    ucfbrian LawnSite Member
    Messages: 148

    Both mowers look like they would do the job for you. I personally would go for the Z910a, it is a commercial mower versus a homeowner model. You will see longer life out of the mower and better productivity.
  5. ucfbrian

    ucfbrian LawnSite Member
    Messages: 148

    I think it is just a little bit too cold to be mowing. Luckily for us in Florida, the only time we see the ground all white is when we are at the beach.
  6. jimbosyn

    jimbosyn LawnSite Member
    Messages: 11

    We never see snow like that in Georgia. Our little ice storm last week shut the entire state down.
  7. StanWilhite

    StanWilhite LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,237

    Hello, since no one else answered your question about the amount of time it will take to mow I'll give it a shot. Mowing time is determined by these things:

    Size of area to be mowed, type of terrain (smooth, rough), obstacles (trees, rock, flower beds, buildings, etc.) deck width, and the speed you mow. Oh, yeah, and the number of times you stop to "pop a top"! :laugh:

    If I've missed any some one else can chime in.

    Good luck with your new mower. After mowing with a zero turn you may find you like mowing more than you thought!
  8. nolanjim

    nolanjim LawnSite Member
    Messages: 192

    4 acres flat land few trees would take me 30-45 minutes. What kind of Kawa engines and hydros? If the Z9 is commercial it should last at least 1000 hrs. I'm more familiar with exmark and wright, they'd do 1000 easy, I have one with over 4k.
    Posted via Mobile Device
  9. jimbosyn

    jimbosyn LawnSite Member
    Messages: 11

    The z445 is a 25hp kawasaki
    The z910a is a 22hp kawasaki.

    I assume the 910 has a commercial grade kawa engine. Is the z910 overkill for me? I don't really want to spend the money just for the heck of it if the 445 will do the job just as well.

    One other factor is warranty. The JD commercial mowers have 2 year unlimited hour warranties, the 445 has a 4 year 500 hour warranty. That actually makes me lean more toward the 445 since I'll probably do less than 100 per year.

    If I could cut the entire property in less that 2 hours, I would be thrilled.
  10. nolanjim

    nolanjim LawnSite Member
    Messages: 192

    445. It's easier choice with the larger kawa and better waranty and just for personal use. Just take care of it.
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