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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Chuck Sinclair, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Chuck Sinclair

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    I am looking for some examples of site surveys for an initial visit to a potential irrigation customers house. What do you look at what do you write down do you have a form you fill out?
  2. HBFOXJr

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    Gee Chuck, I've never done one. What is the need or how do you go about providing a proposal?
  3. Chuck Sinclair

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    With your vast amount of knowlage on this subject i was hoping for a bit better imput from you, now that you have burst my bubble and let me down. LOL :laugh:
    I guess i will have to make do with the info i currenly collect for a given site.
  4. HBFOXJr

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    For most residential jobs I don't do a design and provide a proposal right on site.

    Site info I keep are meter size, service line size, material and length, static psi. If on a well the pump size and gpm and a given psi. Also place i want to locate controller and were an outlet to plug into is located.

    To prepare the esti I make "field notes" which I or my forman can layout and build from. Things like 9 rotors front yard (1 f.c.) We always install corner heads so if a knowledgeable guys looks at this he'll say 3 along the curb (2 q.c & 1 h.c.), 3 across the middle (2 h.c. & 1 f.c.) and 3 across the front of the house. 2-10h and 4 10f, 4" sprays across front beds, my guys will know to start and stop with qc and if the radius is 10' will space them evenly 8-10' apart.

    I also "mentally zone everything" while on site and scribble that in field notes.

    My pricing is unitized so when I cost a rotor it includes 35' of 1' pipe, the selected rotor (Hunter I20), 2 generic 1" pipe fittings for good measure (one a "T"), and a swing pipe assy. Same for sprays except 15' of pipe. Valves include the box a couple fittings, and a qty of waterproof wire nuts.

    Main and wire are measured and by the foot with main in 20' increments. Wire includes the route run plus 6' per valve and extra to get into the clock.

    Primer & glue lump sum

    misc charge for other stuff

    calculate labor hours by stuff I have to install and round to next highest 1/2 day of hours per man

    equipment and overhead are already added into the labor for a total hr cost.

    then a profit on the end

    printed spread sheet is used to caluclate price

    spread sheet has another page with item prices

    The page I take to the job has the prices put together using formulas from the item price page

    Periodically I print and fax the item page to my supplier for price updates. As I plug them in it automatically changes the unit price on the page I take to the job.

    And of course I have large job and commercial variations of this.

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