Looking into adding a 48 inch to the arsenal


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I am looking to add a 48 inch "riding ZTR" mower to my arsenal. Currently running a Honda 21" and Lesco 32" walk behind. I am looking at John Deere, due to that is what I have in the area and have a rapport with the local dealer.

I am looking at the Z910A


and the 647A


I do not know anyone in the area running a Quik-Trak style mower to even ask questions. The local dealer does not even have one on the lot to look at. I am wanting to know from the people that run one, are you pleased with it, or would you rather sit instead of stand.

Any insite from both side would be helpful.



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Long Island, NY
I have a 42" JD rider that when bought years ago I wish I had gotten the 48" deck, and have a 20" push.

I would like to have a 34" to get into the properties with the small gates and get work done faster ten a 20".

Last year I only had one property where I had a 36" gate. So if I wanted to add a larger mower a 60" mower would increased my productivity the most. More then a 48".

However I could upgrade my JD 180 and add a new 48" deck and be able to afford a 34" WB instead of buying a 60".

A lot of gates are now 4' or 5'.

You know your properties. Size of gates, number of gates, how open vs obstacle clearance. So in the end a 48" maybe the biggest size for you.


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When I bought my 647A last year, I opted for that over another zero turn for a couple reasons. First, the quik trak is quite a bit cheaper than a comparable ztr, I paid $6300 plus tax, brand new. Also, since I wanted a smaller machine, the quik trak is a little bit smaller than a ztr in both length and weight. This makes it capable of being used on both smaller and larger properites.

Here's a couple things I've noticed....

-I find that I feel better at the end of the day when I use the quik trak, but can get a little uncomfortable when using it for extended periods of time (over an hour at a time). Most of the lawns I use it on take me about 30 minutes to finish, then I'm off to the next lawn...I am not mowing for 1 or 2 hours straight without getting off the mower.

-The Quik Trak is decent on hills, it will climb up anything but can get a little squirrely going down since the front end is a little heavy. But will go side to side on hills pretty well.

-Maintenance on the quik trak is pretty simple, changing the oil is a little tricky but after the first time it is much easier...just takes some getting used to. It is much easier to maintain/service than other standers I've used.

-The quik trak is definately easier to fit into tight spots and takes up quite a bit less space than a ztr.

Overall, I would definately buy a quik trak again. They are definately not as popular as other mowers but they are a good mower. Cut quality is great, comfort is good, service is pretty simple and ease of use is great. Plus it gets better fuel economy than my 925.

Only real downsides that I have noticed is that it is a little heavy and a little bigger than comparable standers. Neither were deal breakers for me since I just needed something lighter and smaller than my fully loaded Z925.