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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by syzer, May 13, 2001.

  1. syzer

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    I was on my way home last night when I noticed Loranzo's (or something like that) Lawn and Landscape, INC. pull up next to me. He had a pretty rig 2000-01 Ford power stoke 4x4 with pretty lettering on the doors. A nice trailer with a Toro Z master ZTR and a Toro WB. The truck was white trailer was orange.

    I am thinking damn that's a nice setup which got me to thinking about our setup. When I did I thought about how our trailer was black and the truck is green.

    A lot of us have awesome rigs on this site but all in all they are the same you can still tell the guys that do this "on there own" so to speak.

    When you look at true green EVERYTHING is green and brickman has EVERYTHING brown, same with RAR EVERYTHING is red. We are gonna set our rigs all up to be entirely black with teal bluish green lettering. That way we can make EVERYTHING match.

    I think it look so much more professional that way. For some reason when you see a truck going down the street from true green or brickman even though our work will look 100% better I always think their rigs look better then ours =(.

    Any ideas guys?
  2. Guido

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    Those shiney rigs do like a lot nicer when everything is neat and uniform, etc, but its only good to a point.

    Now, I'm not saying to look like a rolling junkyard, but as long as the priorities are straight, go for the uniform paint jobs. You seem to have the right attitude, but some people put the paint job and their image before their performance, education, and quality equipment.

    Most of the shiny setups I've seen on the road, I see again the next year.......

    In the classified Ad's!:eek:
  3. Lawnshark

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    Its kind of like any sports team that walks into the gym or onto the feild that all have matching jerseys and warm-ups and shoes and bags, etc. They are intimidating and are already starting to beat you and you haven't even started playing yet. My philosophy is RIGS-SHMIGGS. I know a company, actually called Precision lawncare here in tennessee and they do incredible work! Their rig is old and the mowers are ancient, but everyone knows them by their work. I agree that a sharp rig is cool, but don't concentrate only on that, concentrate on your work!
  4. syzer

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    I agree 100% work first, but what do you graduate to from there. Obviously educate yourself more in the field of what you want to do. We do what I consider excellent work and have letters from customers and word of mouth to base this on. I want to have a rig now to match. One thing I really like and I think looks so darned professional is matching equipment and rig. I know the rig isn't everything cause the other companies out there with this awesome stuff do work that is sometimes sub-parr.

    I just want my rig to stand out, someone to drive by and see us in the distance and go "there is precision landscaping, you should see the work they do". I want to stand out like RAR, tru green and the others do to me, though I don't follow up with a "you should see the kind of work they do" =).
  5. lee b

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    Fancy rigs don't do quality work, good hard-working people do. The biggest LCO in my area has super nice trucks, uniforms, the best equipment and does the sorriest work of anybody I know. What most of ya'll on here would call "scrubs" do much better work. Like everybody else I would like to have the sharpest looking set-up around, but the quality and reliability of my work is the best advertising that I can do. Besides, there are other directions that I'm investing into that'll pay much better returns than tying up money in fancy trucks, and also give a measure of security in case the lawn biz goes haywire.:cool:
  6. Eric ELM

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    I agree with the others here. I'm not trying to impress other LCO's, just my customers.

    I met a guy 16 years ago out where I work that does great work. He still drives the same truck, (77 F150 4x4) has the same trailer, (never seen one like this, has small tires, tandem axle and both axles are bent) and the same mowers (Bobcat w/b)he had back then and they were not new then. To see this rig going down the road, you would not be impressed, but to see his lawn work, I know you would be impressed.
  7. guntruck

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    Well, along with agreeing with everyone here, i think the post got a little off track, as far as not comparing the rig to the quality of work.......lets just assume that a company had an excellent reputation and the profibility of that company enabled them to by very nice equipment and have it all match. I think that looks much more professional than the mismatched trailers. Now it will be sometime and like yall said i know its not the rig that makes the company i just want someone to see the rig(clients not other LCO's) out of the corner of there eye and recognize who it is! To me thats really nice. Here we have a paving company they have all newer dumps black with bright orange lettering man are they nice!! I get a glimpse and i know who they are, if i ever need a paver the name will be fresh in my mind, now i may not go with them but i remember them from the impressive equipment. I guess there is different ways of looking at things this is just some thoughts felleres.
  8. Grapevine

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    If you've been in this awhile it's nice to have trucks that start every time and equipment that runs and can be relied on. I've seen more guys with new trucks, trailers and the oldest, crappiest mowers you've ever seen. My main business is property maintenance, my guys have company tees and sweatshirts. I have mowers that are bought new every 3 years (Walkers) and 1 drive a 85 one ton Diesel dump
    Also own a 97 Chevy CK2500 ext cab (both w/plows) The new 2001 F550s 4*4 are running over $40,000 with plows. Thats a big nut every month, especially if you're just getting into it. You definitely should reinvest back into the business, I would rather buy mowers than trucks any day.
  9. Evan528

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    Grapevine, A truck is a landscapers most important peice of equipment. If a truck is down you cant work that day. I beleave in replacing a truck every 4-5 years.
  10. John Allin

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    In the eyes of the beholder, "Perception is Reality".

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