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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by promower, May 26, 2003.

  1. promower

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    Customer wanted me to start cutting shorter. I dont do that 3" is what I have always cut at. We have had ideal wheather here for grass growth, so when I get to her house the grass is pretty long. I cut at the same height and she came out and said thank you for cutting shorter it really looks much better that way. Told her not a problem but I really wouldnt recommend going below 3" Anyways she is a great customer and instead of trying to argue with her I mowed at normal height and told her it was shorter. Kinda of a white lie but I did cause I knew shorter would do damage and make me look bad. Anyone else give customer false info but really just trying to look out for them?
  2. proenterprises

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    yeah i have done this, a customer used to want me to cut at 1.5" :eek: and i knew the lawn would be fried in a week. I dropped it to 2.5" and ran it and it stil looked ok

    another customer wanted me to leave all of the clumps in the middle of the lawn (bi weekly) and i knew it looked like **** and would hurt the grass, so i bagges it and just told her it stopped clumping lol
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    No, and No!. I will not LIE to a customer.
    Either they trust in my ability to produce a quality turf stand or not. They want to object and change what I am doing - fine - they PAY for it!
    I will not tolerate damage to my professional reputation to someone that
    wishes something different than I believe to be best.
    They want that, go and hire a scrub!
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    You can cut lower and not have to worry about the lawn dying off. However you also have to increase your cultural practcies to keep the lawn healthy. I believe bluegrass can be mown at 1.5" with no problems.
  5. wobblez

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    i had a customer ask me to cut there lawn shorter like the house next door i showed then all the brown spots from cutting it to short just hours after he cut his. there reply was never mind you know what you are doing funny thing is now the guy next door wants me to give him a price on cutting his lawn now. funny how things work out.
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    Had a customer want their lawn cut lower the last week. We've had so much rain in the past month, I was cutting about 1/2 of the height. So many clumps, we just raked it up. They loved the new look, but we are sure to charge extra after we explained the extra work in heavy growth seasons. Definitely had to explain it may be too short, and could harm the grass.
    Still learning every day
    Love the rain though, anything is better than a drought!

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