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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Sydenstricker Landscaping, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    Okay, so I got this random idea today to expand my landscape services a little and include pressure washing. There really arent many people at all that provide this service in my area. I know you guys have probably heard these questions before:rolleyes: but I am gonna ask again anyways. I was just going to do siding, decks, patios, and drives. Nothing too major. I have a Karcher 2000 psi with an 8hp Honda engine and a few different tips to go with. It also has the tube to put detergents in too. So, I was wondering.....Do you charge a flat rate for this or hourly? What kind of cleaning stuff do I need to watch out for that is no good, etc? And the final question, do people care if you hook up to their water or do you have to bring your own?? Thanks for any help or anything extra anyone wants to add!!:waving:
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    It's always a good idea to have your own tank equipment just in case.

    Having your own portable tank and pressure spray equipment would also permit you to offer additional mobile pressure washing services for your customers. The fact you will not be restricted from providing these additional services means you will gain a competitive advantage.

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  3. robbo521

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    never had problems useing there water.had one the other day tell me i could use her pressure washer,hose,ladders and cleaning stuff and she would still pay the same.
  4. TSG

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    I looked into the same thing,,,,,
    check with your insurance
    My insurance was going to go up 200%
    They see it as "first year" and you can do a lot of damage
    Just protect yourself

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have a tank,but 99% of the time i use there water,man there is so much to learn in washing use low pressure to start with.
  6. squirtgun

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    These 2 should never be used in the same sentance.If you are washing off of ladders you are risking your life.

    This is a pic of our rig in the old configuration.We now have a 225 gallon and 65 gallon leg tanks.2 high pressure hose reels,3 low pressure hose reels,24" & 16" surface cleaners,312v pumps,mics. chemical injectors wands etc.All told about $10k invested to start up 4 yrs ago and still growing. We still don't have all the toys I would like to have.The next project is a cold water 5gpm/3000psi machine that I need to assemble.

    old rig.jpg
  7. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    WOW!!!! I guess there was alot more to this than I was expecting. Dont get me wrong, I have a good and fine LCO, but just wanting to explore the options of doing a little extra for some of my good customers that just want one person to do everything on their prop. for them. I do appreciate all of the responses so far. I wasnt looking into any commercial washing, only residential like some decks, drives, and maybe siding. I will most definatly have to check with my insurance to make sure that this little add on isnt gonna kill me. Please keep all the replies coming!!!! I greatly appreciate it:waving:

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    That machine won't do very well if you really want to make any profit. It will take too long to be competitive. We usually do 2 story vinyl homes in about an hour and NEVER use a ladder. You would be better off just subbing to a local PRO and getting a % for landing the work with your customers. It is a win, win, win situation. Local PRO makes money, you make money, and customer gets Professional results. Also you open another door to networking with a contractor that can send you Lawn customers.


    Lettered GMC d.jpg
  9. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    FCPWLLC, that sounds like a winner to me!!! I will look into that. Just gotta find the guys in my area, that do a professional job, not some hack, and network with them. I like making money and not doing anything!!

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