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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kyle 03, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. kyle 03

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    I am looking to buy a dump truck between now and next spring. I was wondering what you guys think on what i should buy. I install pavers and retaining walls. I am wondering if a heavy duty 1 ton like a chevy 3500HD would be what to get or if i should go bigger like an international single axle.
  2. Dwan

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    ISUZU NPR cheeper the a F350, or chevy 3500 and can haul more. 14500 GVW, shorter wheel base 109" tighter turning, at least look at them.

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  4. D Felix

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    Wondering how fast this one's gonna get moved......

    The Izuzu may have a GVWR of 14k, but you can get an F-450 or F-550 with GVWR's of ~16k and 19k respectively, IIRC. Not to mention the Allison's in the Chevy's suck the HP. Check into the Dodge's too. I'd much rather have a Cummins than a Power Stroke! But it's all a matter of personal preference, so you are more than welcome to make your own choice.:)

    One thing to keep in mind: how heavy of a trailer do you have? Here in Indiana, if you are pulling a combination that exceeds 26k, and the trailer is rated at 10,001 pounds or more, you need a Class A CDL. In other words, you can pull a 10k trailer behind an F-450 or F-550 every day and be legal, but as soon as you hook onto the same exact trailer, but with 6k axles instead, you're driving illegally.... It doesn't matter what the plates are rated at, its the GVWR. That is in Indiana, check your individual state laws

    Of course, any single or combined VWR of 10,001 pounds or more needs a USDOT number............... I believe that is nationwide. Anything with a DOT number is also subject to an annual inspection, not only for the truck but for the trailer as well.


  5. impactlandscaping

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    We have an F 350, but my next truck next year will probably be a topkick with a deuce dump body.......<a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008_ZSXXXXXX44US' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/23/23_2_87.gif' border=0></a>lol..
  6. kyle 03

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    what about an automatic transmission and an electric pump for the lift as opposed to a manual transmission and a pto driven pump. i would rather have the later of the 2 but let me know what you guys think.
  7. Dwan

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    You can still have an automatic with a pump run off the motor, faster and stronger then the electric ones.

    I have 3 F350 4X4's and there great. Nothing like the dealer support I get. I have been a ford truck man for over 30 years untill I was forced to buy the ISUZU. After having it for 6 months and knowing what it can do I have changed my ways. I am not saying to buy it just give it a try.
  8. Tony Clifton

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    I would recommend getting a larger truck. I think every company that does a lot of install work should have at leadt 1 larger truck. If you are doing a lot of pavers and walls you can haul your own sand and gravel. Sure you can do this with a smaller 1 ton but you wont be as efficient. We got a new GMC6500 with the cat last year and love it. I guess it depends on your individual needs but the 16' bed is what we got, I love the bed space. Our next dump will be an Isuzu or GMC cab-over crew cab. The cabovers are awesome trucks, we have 2 now with landscape bodies, any truck we add will be a cabover unless we get another large dump truck. Also DO NOT get a truck with an electric dump, they are weak and slow.
  9. kyle 03

    kyle 03 LawnSite Member
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    Thats what i have heard. There sure are alot of trucks with electric dumps out there. There are alot of trucks with automatic transmissions too. What do you guys think about them and does anyone know how much it will cost to convert a truck with an electric lift to a pto driven lift.
  10. jwholden

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    I have a 93 LoPro international with an allison automatic and 12' mason body dump powered by the PTO on my transmission. The truck has a GVW of 23,900 lbs and light weight of around 12,200 lbs. I get around 9 miles per gallon in the truck. I bought my truck used and paid around 30. I will take a heavy truck engine and heavy truck tranny any day of the week over a pickup truck turned dumptruck.

    You must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a slightly larger truck and annual dot inspection (not a big deal). Please look at used trucks in the 18 to 26,000 pound range if you are really going to be doing do that type of work. I would also look at a truck with fold down sides and don't forget a chute in your tailgate.

    My last truck, a chevy k3500, had an electric lift and it was underpowered. I had to shovel material off the truck several times because topsoil was loaded too far to the front.

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