Looking to buy a Kubota KX-121

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by david bailey, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Canadas money is better than ours now and has been for a little while. Here we will pay more due too the exchange rate.

    Expect to pay in the high 60's.

    Must haves are Cab, quick coupler, hyd thumb. Best too have are dual aux lines and angle blade. The New Kubotas have dual aux lines and adjustable flow control too them so if you do decide to use the aux lines a bunch that is a bonus. The angle blade helps because sometimes the dang blade gets in your way and just being ables to move it is a bonus.

    If you go used the KX161 is an excellent choice.
    I have 1600 plus hours of digging 36 and 30 inch trenches with it. Had too replace bucket bushings and thats it.
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    I had the option to add a Hydraulic thumb when I purchased my 121 but again chose a manual thumb. Removable if I choose,much tighter clamping power, less weight and no need to split aux. hydraulics.

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