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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by perfectlawncare, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. perfectlawncare

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    I am looking to buy a new 60 inch ZTR. I have tested Ever Ride, Hustler super Z, Exmark Lazer z 23hp and the new Toro 580 Diesel. I really like the Toro but the Diesel is very high$. I am very picky about my cut and the Toro did the best job for me. But the gas model Toro does not have alot of ground speed like the Diesel does. I am trying the Hustler super Z again because I can't remember what I did not like about it. Any help would be greatly helpful. I am running 3 Dixies right now and I am going to replace them because I lost my dealer who used to be close by.


  2. bayfish

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    My experience with ZTR's is limited to Hustler. I bought a 60" Hustler Z last July and bought a second one in May 2004. They both have a 24hp Honda 60" deck. I have been very happy with them and see no reason to change. The quality of cut is exceptional, the hydros are smooth, and the machine seems very well balanced. Both have the suspension seat, which is a must. The speed is about 10 or 11 mph and cuts well at speed. With its low center of gravity and wide stance, it is very good on slopes. The super Z could only be better in these areas. It comes with a hydro cooler with electric fan, larger hydro pumps and wheel motors, and is a bit faster. If you live in a hilly area, go with a larger motor than the 24.
  3. Tonyr

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    With the Toro...try the Z588E, 28hp EFI Kohler, 60'' or 72'' Turbo Force decks, suspension seat, ROPS, thick steering levers, ultra easy maintenance.

    These are not as fast as Hustler Super Z's in non cut travel speed, but easily as fast/er in cut speed which as you know is where the money is.

    Try the 28 EFI, power to spare!

    Mine hasn't missed a beat after a big full rough season down here, from fine lawns to paddocks, not a prob. check my website for recent pics.
  4. Potchkins

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    a 60" cut needs more than 23hp
  5. captken

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    Pic. Memphis Tn. today's date...

    central gardens 002.jpg
  6. akmattingly

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    I bought the super Z two weeks ago for 7400+tax, I love it. The suspension seat sold me(among other things).:blob4: :blob4:

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