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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Sabina Lawn Care, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Sabina Lawn Care

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    Clinton, Fayette or Greene county ohio area.. Looking to buy out a small mowing business. Looking to purchase this fall to next spring. Nothing to large. 20 to 30 accounts.. + equipment.... CASH.. Let me know what you have and where you're at
  2. Sabina Lawn Care

    Sabina Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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  3. All Season Bill

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    I'm not interested but I simply want to give you a warning:

    I bought a mowing company in 2007. When I called each new customer to introduce myself...they canceled because I wasn't the other guy.
    Not just one customer....almost all of them!! Like Dominoes...one after the other. I'm glad I was making payments to the other guy because I was able to drop the price to about one tenth the asking price.

    I'm now going through the same thing with a guy taking over my mowing. But so he wouldn't go through with what I went through, I'm temporaily subbing him out and even filling in when needed. He's paying me a percent. This will ease them into a new face and eventually he'll buy the route.

    I'm just saying.
  4. ex mower

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    try this guy 440-823-4916 ted
  5. lawnlandscape

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    Thats a great way to do it. Its nice of you to care about the future of the new guy. I was going to warn him about this exact thing. Most small lawn care companys I know have customers that are loyal to the person running it, and not to the company name.

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