Looking to buy an Irrigation Company in So Cal

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Hovik, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    I am new to the site and don't know if my post really belongs here or not so I apologize in advance. I have 14 years experience in Irrigation, originally in ResCom as a tech and then as an owner, sold my company in 2006 to move to the Los Angeles area and from 2006-2012 worked in Golf Irrigation sales and support. I am interested in buying out the assets (service vehicle, tools, inventory) and customers of a small Irrigation company here in the San Gabriel Valley or LA County, San Bernardino County area. If you or someone you know of is looking to get out of the business please respond to the thread or send me a PM. Thanks!
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    Until you get a few more posts, PMs will not work. Dan Hanson mite show up.
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    How do you feel about TX?

    Just kidding,

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    I'm not sure how many guys there are running around here anymore that are just doing irrigation. Irrigation has been wrecked here in So Cal by all of the mow blow and go gardeners and the parts aisle at the Home Depot. You may want to wander over to Modern Irrigation in Upland and talk to Anne or Galen. They may know of somebody who is looking to retire and would be interested in selling. A lot of the smaller residential landscape and irrigation guys still buy from them. I'm over here in La Verne.... I'll keep my eyes and ears open and see if I hear of anybody who is interested in selling. Once you get to 10 posts shoot me a PM with your contact info.
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    Right you are Dan, even in the great state of Jefferson the Dingbats have taken over.
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    They will take over when a professional contractor cannot sell the system, service and good will.
  7. 1idejim

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    we can't all be you boss.
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    I have a friend in LA with an irrigation and lighting company who may be looking to retire soon...
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