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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by atv220chris, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. atv220chris

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    Ok I am looking at a 36” Toro it has a 13hp on it. The guy wants 1300 for it. It has a much kit and high lift blades on it. He has just normal blades for it also. There is also an extra deck belt for it and a brand new box of spark plugs, also 2 new air filters and about 10 pre filters. It will have to have a new left drive belt put on because there is cracking on it right now. When I went and looked at it I checked the oil and it had a tiny bit of gas in it but I think that it was just from it sitting for a year (there was dust on the tops of the tires and it was not dust from doing grass. This is the mower http://stlouis.craigslist.org/grd/509883328.html what do you guys think its worth
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    If this is your first mower and you are just getting started. I would recommend that you purchase a new mower with a warranty. The last thing you want is to buy someone else's problem. Especially, since you are just getting started.

  3. Exact Rototilling

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    +1 . . . What he said

    I already have enough issue with my vehicles that need work. At least with them - I know what they are in need of and I can plan and schedule the maintenance accordingly.

    I do make exceptions when I find a gently used equipment that has seen very low use and has not been victim of a neglectful owner. Basically near new equipment with very few hours on it.
  4. atv220chris

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    ya i am just getting started but i don't have the cash to buy a new mower if i could i would but i cant also is it a good mower or is one with pistle grips better
  5. All Season Lawn Care

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    not a bad price but more than likely may have some problems if its coming with a box of plugs...maybe fouls them out alot so you may have to play with it and tune it....for my 03 36" exmark i paid a $1000 for it and it looks brand new....offer him less than he wants....you can always go up but once you offer somthing you cant go back down...good luck
  6. Exact Rototilling

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    Just looked at the add again. "Hasn't been used for 2 years" . . . ? Does it run? Unless they used stabil in it may not run. Also the pictures convey the owner could care less about buyer perception. I'm always turned off to pictures of items on craiglsit with lots of other crap in the back ground. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. When ever I list an item for sale ebay or craiglsit I make sure my pictures look decent. No picture is better than those.

    I looked at a used mower myself a few weeks ago. It was supposedly nearly new Areins 21" with swivel wheels & a Kawi 6HP commercial engine etc. I showed up after a 40 mile drive and Mr. Knuckle Head didn't bother starting the mower before he listed it. Turn out it hasn't run for over a year. I originally called him well before the Christmas break and I said I could not move on it until after Jan 1st. I would of offered him less money since I figured the carb was gummed up.

    He refused thinking his mower was non running gold mine. :hammerhead:

    Do you have a 21" mower? If not . . . then you can afford a new decent Pro-sumer 21" mower for under $1000 or a commercial grade mower for a bit more.
  7. atv220chris

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    i went and looked at it today and i told him to not fire it up untill i got there (so that i would know that he did not just spray the carb full of starting fluid) and when i got there i checked the oil to see if he had started it and it smelled a little like gas in the oil but i expected that the crab would have to be re-ringed i suspect its like a brigs carb after a few years and a winter you will have to replace the rings because they just get eaten. i had the guy down the street from me go and look at it with me and he works at the Deere and mower shop close to my house and he told me that it looked good and thought the same thing with the carb so i think i am going to offer him 1000 for it and see if he takes it and if not ill go up to 1100 but that's tops
  8. lawnprosteveo

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    I think buying used stuff is smart, especially when you are new. The last thing you need is a mower payment. Sounds like your buddy can help steer you from any problems. Good luck, hope you get it for a grand...

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