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Looking to buy new trimmer..(redmax or shindi)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kylec3, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Kylec3

    Kylec3 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 127

    Alright so im in need of a new trimmer... What are most of you guys using? Dont want a stihl...Have always used redmax and am happy with them but the dealer we get from lost a lot of the companies that he used to sell...a local landscaping company opened up their own place and took over redmax and a few others and they dont want 2 redmax dealers so close together...i will not buy from my compeitition though....

    i think my dealer can still get the stuff but i am not able to check it out in person before i buy just because he has to order it and needs the money up front....he is turning into mostly a repair shop now...for the most part....there is a shindi dealer around also though and was wondering what you guys think of them? we have some really old shindi curved shafts..prob over 10yrs old that still run..just takes a little to get them started in the beginning of the day...

    i really was interested in the red max BCZ2610S...and am leaning towards that. anyone have experiece with them? what can i expect to pay for that?

    also saw the shindi 242, 270, 282.....any of these?

    im 6'1 so i am a little taller and heard the 282 is good for taller people? but i also dont wanna be carrying a heavy peiece of equipment around all day....

    what are your suggestions? we do about 70 properties a week with an average size of 6-8k sq feet
  2. bobcatguy96

    bobcatguy96 LawnSite Member
    from Troy MI
    Messages: 13

  3. barlowlawncare

    barlowlawncare LawnSite Member
    Messages: 90

    I was recently in the same boat and after reading a lot of posts on here, I went with redmax over a stihl. the reason being mostly because all the trimmers we currently have are redmax and the newest being about 8yrs old. So I decided to stick with what has been proven. I went with the 2601 it was the heaviest outta the bunch but had the most cc's, and it only weighs 11lbs. I really wanted a 242 because it is so light but it just looks like a homeowner model! It just didnt look like the old units it looks so small and weak, and although most of the trimming we do is just normal residential lawns I can't stand when i hit some thick grass and the weedwacker jumps in my hands before it cuts so i wanted to make sure i have the power to cut through just about anything, I dont want to have to wander back to the truck to get a heavier trimmer to finish the job! Anyway at first I wasnt very pleased with the new wacker, I just wasnt used to the quietness at first it seemed like a toy cause im used to loud trimmers singing in my ear and you can barely hear this running. Now it is very pleasent to not have my ears ringing at the end of the day and it slices through everything effortlessly. It is a tad heavier then what im used to but not too bad. For a couple days i tried to leave the gaurd on and get used to it, but I just couldnt it was constantly in my way and I still go just as dirty as I normally do while trimming I really noticed no benifit with it so I finally removed it and now i like it much better. Also the bigger trimmer is more balanced then the lighter ones so it doesnt feel as heavy as it is. I really would like to try a stihl for a couple days just to see the difference and put it through it paces (maybe someday) as for now im pleased. The spark arrestor was removed by the dealer so I didnt have to. One thing im not happy about is it actuallly takes more pulls to start then the older ones we have but im guessing as it breaks in some that will change? It is very good on fuel consumption also I paid 349 but i didnt even try to work the dealer down at all. He had the 242 for 249 and the 2501 for 299 for 50 bucks more i got one more cc but also the heavy dudy motor gaurented to pass emissons for 3yrs or something, and after reading many posts on hear ppl say that if they can guarentee it will pass down the road then it has to be better build in order to stake that claim so we'll see. Also the dealer told me he hasnt had one brought back for a repair with the exception of ppl destroying the heads from smaking to hard on concrete but other than that nothing so i hope this helps and any other questions feel free to hit me back and ill do the best i can. Also i will update later in the season on how it's holding up! Next thing we purchase is a new wright stander hopefully soon!

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