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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Green Boots, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Hi there!

    We're in our 3rd year mowing (husband/wife team), and we have been using a few 22" mowers up until now while we build our business. We're at the threshold now where we must go bigger. Our accounts are all residential, but the properties are too big to add many more accounts with this setup. we're now looking for an open trailer, maybe a 5x8 or 5X10 and also looking for a commercial mower, in the 36-42 inch range. We're looking for used, but decent. We're in northeast PA, so if you have anything that is not going to ask for our arms AND legs, please let me know.


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    I have two exmark 48in belt drive walk behinds. Each has a bagger and one has a sulky and the other has a sulky that needs repair. Talk to me and we'll come up w/ a price.

    John 607 761 9818
  3. Green Boots

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    I will give you a call. Thanks.

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