Looking to buy WB or ZTR in MI

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    :waving:Hello guys im looking to buy a good mower for the 09 season, I currently have a Bobcat 48 full hydro WB works like a dream but i need biger this year, so im looking for any thing under 3000 just shoot me a Pm or a pic thanks for looking and helping

    Wish you all tons of money in 2009

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    bump bump bump
  3. d&rlawncare

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    http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=246434 <--post#3 has the link

    $3000 firm on my scag 1100 hours 23 hp Liquid cooled. Oil chnaged every 50 hours. Dealer serviced and maintaned. 3-4 sets of good blades. Brand new flat free font tires ($140) with less than 10 hours on them. complete set of extra belts ($200 worth). Strong running mower and cuts awesome. Easily has another 2000-3000 hours of life being a liquid coooled engine with proper care of course.

    only thing that sold is my truck so far.
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    Looks like a good deal !!
  5. meets1

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    A few toro Z's for sale. Range from 1300 to 700 hours. Let me know if interested. Pm me your email and I can send pictures.

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