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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnSolutionsCP, Nov 14, 2006.

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    The emails from LawnSite members has been great. More than expected. :cool2:

    What a great forum of information.

    The most common question we get is where is my closest dealer. We have added a dealer locator to our website and will be added 5-10 new dealers per week. We currenly have only contacted dealers in Indiana and Kentucky. If you are looking for a dealer in your area, send us an email with your location and the leading equipment dealer in your area and we will set them up.

    It should be obvious, but our equipment is designed by landscape professionals for landscape professionals. Our focus is performance and reliability. We will also have more products coming out this spring and will be looking for people to do more field testing.

    Spring offering will include:
    • 30" Wide walk behind power seeder. Powered by a 17-20 HP V-Twin with all hydrauics...no belts to replace.
    • Walk-behind aerator unlike anything else on the market...thats all we are giving out until we do our press release. It will be more productive and easier to operate than any unit on the market.


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    Hey that seeder looks like it works great and appears to be very easy to use. I will be in he market for a seeder in the very near future and I will def. consider your brand after seeing the vid.

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