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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by northbeast, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Honestly, the best thing to do is to work for another company for a while, once you have an applicator's license of course.....I highly suggest NOT taking smallaxes' advice....You simple cannot mimic or imitate another company's program! There are many factors and scouting that takes place before myself, and im sure many other companys, icluding TGCL choose certain fertilizers or products to use.....Also, this business is not easy. It's a science, learn it, practice it, and when you are good at it, you will then learn how to make money doing it. Just keep at it, and keep learning & reading.....Sorry for the burn smallaxe, nothing personal, but this " one size fits all" mentallity is simply not the way to go or preach about.
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    ............. Ditto
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    Another Ditto
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    Thanks for the reply green scape. I do plan on taking a prep course and getting license, but I own a landscape Co. That would make it pretty difficult to work for someone else. I would like to get some experience with the apps before I start on a customers lawn, I'm just not sure how I can do that.
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    Do what we all did --start on your mother's lawn. And be prepared to correct your mistakes. Pronto, LOL!
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    I was being sarcastic , even synical and I only condemn the "One Size Fits All" programming... Glad to see that others agree with that... :)
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    There's really nothing to it... Spot Spraying is the simplest... but learn the product and the timing of the app in question... If you're going to do blanket sprays/granules, do friends' and family's lawns for free...

    I'm not really sure about your life cycles in NC, but I do know that the timing up here in cool season lawns we do a lot of dumping and redumping because our timing is all screwed up... that is why I was being sarcastic about TGCL... Everyone copies, but no one evidently knows why

    Good luck... :)
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    Smallaxe, I really have to quetion your statement about labels being "Written by Salesmen". I have been in Meetings where the "Formulators, Chemical Engineers, Lab Rats" what ever you want to call them explained what goes into writing a label for a lawn product. Believe you me they are not "Salesmen"
    They were very sharp "Chemists and Researchers" and the process was unbelieveable. I remember thinking how glad I was that Machinery Mfgs do not have to do all that.
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    Hissing Cobra,
    Just wanted to give you props for the helpful information to someone coming to the forum for helpful information, instead of being "sarcastic or even synical" as another member was trying to be. For some reason, sarcastic or synical seems to always come across as obnoxious. :usflag:
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    I respect what you are saying, but let's consider the 'meaning' of the label?... :)


    Do the Chemists and Researchers say when the first of 5 steps should be done?
    Is the first step best between Feb.-Apr.??
    Do Chemists and Researchers decide that the label should reflect a "One Size Fits All" and produce a chemical soup that has no room for winterkill correction with overseeding, in the Spring?
    Do very sharp "Chemists and Researchers", believe that the entire lawn needs to be blanketed with 2,4d etc. several times every season...?
    Lawncare has more to do with growing grass and botany, than Killing seedlings and weeds all summer long...

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