looking to get into fert applications

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by northbeast, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Smallaxe

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    Let me know if you go the route of TGCL/Scotts 5 step program or not, then I'll be less synical... :)
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    not sure if you are thinking 5 steps doesnt work but in the northeast 4 -1pound apps of N and 1 fall lime is a standard program done by a lot of companies up here. I think thats what the original post might have been ref to.
  3. Smallaxe

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    I'm not disagreeing that virtually everybody around here is selling a 4-7 step program to anyone, and everyone, who will pay for it...

    There's an Adage that states: "He who frames the arguement, wins the Debate."

    This discussion is "reframed" from my POV. My point is, that Just because everybody's doing it... Doesn't make it , Right!!!...

    When one tries to prove that a 5 month growing season needs, 4-7 apps of everything, every year... well,... then you're selling snake oil, at many different levels...
    Remember, I am a full service, that benefits from, NOT, charging for certain apps., once it is discovered, that they are not needed.
    I actually benefit, by not applying all 7 times... :)

    I understand that in order for 'squirt&fert', to survive as a business, they require all 7 apps. be paid for... I understand the business principle of landscape/lawncare, in that respect, since its inception...
    The thing I'm talking about is,,, changing that unnecessary app or two, into something of longterm value... I was thinking that it may be the opportunity to do some Soil Building... :)

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