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Looking to get into hydro seeding...


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We were looking into getting into hydro seeding next season, our phone has been ringing off the hook for hydro seeding and we end up subbing it out. Do you need to be certified just to hydro seed? And where to go for the mixes? Any help appreciated.

David Gretzmier

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In Arkansas you do not need a pesticide certification to hydroseed, but to do highway stuff like bonded fiber matrix and the like, you probably will need some training from factory reps and there is some certification there. I've done a few dozen jobs, but I got out of the business a few years ago. It is a great way to make a grand or 2 profit in a day. the hard part for me was lining up jobs. I might know someone with a used seeder to sell if your interested. dave g


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I thought about getting one of the smaller setups. Seems like it would do good. I would think you would need to get in with builders and the like. That alone would probably make it worth the investment. IDK, you do it and let me nkow how it goes, then I will decide if I want to go down that road! :)


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I was looking at a Turbo Turf system, maybe a 100 gal. set up on a 4x8 trailer. My calls have been for 80% repairs from 300sqft to 2k sqft. and the other 20% new lawn installs. One brochure I was reading said materials cost anywhere from .02-.03 cents per sqft and the turn around was .07-.18 cents to put it down (what the guys are getting), thats a nice profit!


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Bahama NC
Hydro-Seeding does sound very attractive and what I have read is similar to buying a truck or tractor, (buy big). If you buy a small unit then your kinda stuck and defeat the purpose of doing it for the time savings because of refill time, and mix time.

A 600 Gallon tank unit will cover approximately 7K Sq feet. The unit depending on hose size will take around an hour to fill up and then mix 20-30 minutes with seed, mulch and fertilizer. Now you could spray that yard and be done with it in 30-45 minutes.

I am hoping to get a job where I will go in and till and prep the yard and try it. The rental on the 600 Finn Unit is 189.00 plus tax, 75.00 for the seed and I will need roughly 160 pounds of tack mulch 44.00 then add either water solution starter fertilizer or granular.

So aside from prep, top soil if needed there is only a 380.00 investment at this point. The scary part for me is getting water as I sure don't want to worry about towing this unit which withour water is around 1600 pounds(trailer included).

There is a forum similar to this that I found to be a great resource.


There are two SunBelt rental location in Pa and they rent the 400-600 units down here so call them. You can get a lot of the supplies at either Lesco or Pennington Seeds.


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I gotin to it 2 years ago, i have a turf-maker 550 with an aux. 500 gal. tank mounted on a 16' 12k gvw trailer. This gives me 1000 gal. cap. and i pull it with my f-350 srw. Check out www.turfmaker.com tell them i sent you. I use a 70-30 wood blend and can pump a thick slurry up hill 250'. Per load i get around 5k sq' I have around 168.00 in a tank material wise. Then i can pump the water out of aux. tank in to seeder apply 2nd mix before having to go and refill. This setup is a great system for a small scale operation. I do lawns averaging 12-20 sq'. This year im getting around 8-9 cents per sq; There are so many variables in pricing the big cost factor is how far you have to go for water. Im currently working in a development now that they have a lake , only 2-5 minutes to refill , big cost factor. At times i might have to travel 30 minutes to fill that will effect price. This system i mentioned including a port. pump everything on the road i had around 15k. I wouldnt go bigger unless you are mounting on a large truck and going big time. As far as 100 gal. system save your money that will get you no wear hydro-seeding. My machine is mechanical system i feel they are better than a jet.

EA Quinn

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like stated above....buy big. The minute we got into hydroseeding we started out with a 1500 gallon reinco. The following year we ditched that and jumped up to a T330 Finn 3100 gallon machine. Granted that may be bigger than what you need but we do a lot of turret work and roadside seeding. Filling up takes time, and you wont want to keep re-filling a 100 gallon machine. It may be hard to justify buying bigger, but once you get one you will see the need.
Heres a shot of our rig in action....