Looking to get into seal coating, know the basics but looking for more info

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by jason6586, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Yes, I have to agree. Having a partner in business has their pros and cons, like they say, 2 head is better then one. But if it's just a friend, not sure if it will work in the end.

    For truck, yes a flatbed works very well, I'm assuming you are talking about a 3/4 ton or bigger. Later on when you get bigger, you can attach a trailer to your truck for a bigger equipment, and use the flat bed for tools and materials.

    College, well my opinion is that I don't believe in it so much, I believe hands on experience is the way to go, you will slowly start a business with a few clients, few jobs, few employees and work your way up, you will make mistakes and learn from them and get better with the years.

    It's definitely a get rich quick business. You must have a passion for what you do, determination and a good mindset. You must be willing to work long hours the first few years, without even paying yourself or your kid a big salary the first few years.

    Best of luck.
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    I will give you some advice.. first off your going to need to get DOT Numbers here in NYS no way around that.. 210 gallon unit loaded on a trailer is going to be at Least 4500 lbs your truck to pull that trailers gvw is going to be over 6k... Insurance cost is ridiculous... In order to make any money and bid on large jobs your gonna need at least a million dollar GL, million dollar commercial auto, 500k workmans comp... We have 2mil5mil, 3 mil umbrella 1 mil auto, 1 mil workmans comp.. around 14000.00 a year.. when we had the lower limits it was around 6000.00 a year. Your also going to need a payroll service, set up federal and state income tax accounts and Unemployment accounts dont even think about paying under the table in NY you will get caught... workmans comp is about 20 dollars per 100 dollars of payroll... A lot of people think this is a get rich business.. I have seen hundreds of companies come and go over the years....LLC is the only way to go.. as for equipment you really should look at getting a 300 gallon spray system with a diaphrahm pump and compressor. hyd agitation if you can afford to.. A walk behind blower, crack melter, shovels, edger,brooms etc... I would plan on 25k budget for proper equipment... as for a truck I would go with at least a 3/4 ton truck..

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