looking to get started roof cleaning


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New York
Hey everybody,

So just a little background; I've owned a lawn care business in NY for the past four years with a partner. I went to Montana to do some work last year for a contracted job doing trail work with the Forest Service for the year. On that little adventure; I happened to meet my current girlfriend. So, long story short; we're moving south so she can get a job with the park service. I'll be moving around March 10th; and won't be able to get started working until late March/early April by the time I get all the licenses and insurance straightened out; which will be a little behind the curve for the year. That said, I've been looking to boost my offerings of one-time services to try to make-do for the year, considering I'll be a little too late to book lawn services for the year. I was hoping to get there earlier, but it just hasn't worked out.

The area I'm moving looks like it could really benefit from some roof cleaning (Google Earth works wonders :dancing:). I've been looking into the systems offered by Pressure Tek and such; but my major question is, what kind of (if any) safety restraint system do you use for those moderately steep roofs? Obviously the very steep roofs would be grounds for a lift. I've done a little roof cleaning for clients that requested it but I'd be looking to make a much bigger go of it with some targeted advertising. I've read mixed reviews about the Pitch Witch and I can see how that'd be limited to its application, so I've just been trying to find some info on temporary fall arrest systems, without much success thus far. Any help or input would be appreciated!

I've done a couple summers of roofing in the past, so being on a roof doesn't bother me and I think it'd be a great way to support the business through the first year; plus there doesn't appear to be too much competition on the local market (2 major companies).