Looking to hire maintenance account rep. NEED HELP!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MowMoney, Dec 11, 2001.

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    In the landscape maintainence arena, sales are the easy part. Providing the consistent service is the main headache of most operators. How will you get a sales rep to understand the requirements of your business? Best local firm here recruits guys from college horticulture programs. Not sure about today, but 15 years ago, these college grads went out to work on a crew for up to 2 years, before they got any authority. Then when they went into sales and management, they knew EXACTLY what they were selling, and especially how not to oversell.
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    Your in the bastard zone I've heard of between 700K and a mil plus. You've gone too far to be small and your not really at a workable big size.

    You need a pro to help not me. Try Chuck Vander Kooi or Jim Huston for help.
    Another guy might be Monroe Porter.

    First thing is to make sure your profitable and under control and then have a vision as to what the next level really is from a practical standpoint.

    Remember anything not right financially will be magnified exponentially at the larger scale and anything screwed up for 1 year will take 5 years to fix.

    I think I would get support for saying that anything beyond 15-20% growth for a few years is all anyone can manage well and after that it tapers off as the numbers get bigger.

    Keep us posted.

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