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Austin, tx
Hi all,

I just started my own company doing lawn maintenance and later landscaping and irrigation. I am only doing it part time for now and would like to network with some businesses in Pflugerville, Round Rock, South Austin, etc. Since I am only doing it part time after work and on weekends, I want to limit my area. I live in hyde park so I am trying to not go out futhur than 4-5 mile radius. However, if a customer contacts me and they are outside my range I would like to forward them on to you all and reverse if you didn't want to travel to my area. This would also include landscaping jobs and irrigation(not me yet, except maybe smaller landscaping jobs, sod, mulch, small beds, etc). If anyone is interested in this concept you can email me at LandArtisans@hotmail.com.

I am not trying to take business away from anyone, networking is an excellent way to increase business.

also, please no fly by night business, I prefer to deal with license businesses and those that take pride in there work. If I recommend someone and they suck, it looks bad on myself also.

thanks for everyones time

Jody Sheldon
Land Artisans

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