Looking to pick up a 42" Sport - Have some ???

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by JF660R, May 9, 2011.

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    Rock777, I paid less than that with tax. I basically got my 48" for the same as Cop4hire got his 42" ...mines just a 2011 model.

    The good news - from 2.5hrs of mowing to 1hr !


    Questions -

    (1) If I run with both levers full forward it does arc off to the left gradually. Is this normal? I checked all tire pressures with a digital guage before mowing.

    (2) The hydro cooling fans seem to have spun off some grease, is this just normal for a first run?

    First impression, super impressed. Mowed with a smile. Would have no use for a faster mower without a smoother lawn ... any faster and it would bounce you off. First time using a ZTR and it takes a few laps to get used to steering by lever. The 20 Horse Kawi is a beast. Really happy I went 48" vs 42", (especially since I paid less than the 42" price) ... the 48" deck gets 3 blades and a bigger motor ... lawn looked perfectly even. Mowed the horse field back about 50' and thick 10" tall grass had no chance.

    I shopped hard, every brand locally available for over a year. I found no reason to pay more for another brand. I went Hustler because I was confident I was getting the most mower for my $. I am expecting alot of years out of this investment.
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    1) wait until you have 5 hours or so on the unit and then adjust the drive tracking, the hydro's need to break in a few hours before making this adjustment.
    2) this is normal.
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    I also shopped hard. Talked with a Grasshopper rep. The entry level Grasshopper that was the same size of my Sport was over $3000 more. He claimed my Sport will need to be replaced with in 2 or 3 years. Good thing I found this site. I could not find a negative on this machine. I have to learn not to keep stomping on the non existent brake pedal.

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