Looking to purchase an existing lawn care business.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ozzyinfla, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Ozzyinfla

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    Hey folks,

    I'm brand new to the site and looking for advice. Been in the corporate world ever since separating from the Air Force in 2000. Frankly, I'm tired of working in my field and looking for a change. I currently have several yards I maintain in my spare time, ie, afternoons and weekends. I am looking to actually make the leap and purchase an existing business in my area and need all the help/advice I can get!.
  2. Grassholes

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    I am guessing you are in FL based on your user name. I am not in your area but am curious to see some of the answers you might get here. I hear that some guys by me in IL start and then sell a company after a few years and then start and sell another one after another few years. I am a guy interested in starting and selling - I think I am good at that part while some are not or don't want to. I cannot get a good solid answer on what it would cost. I know how to do a business valuation but it seems a lot cheaper to start one yourself.
  3. ShowCaseLawnCare

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    If you are in Florida I would not do it. Prices are dirt cheap. I would look into something else.
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  4. Ozzyinfla

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    I think you are correct in that assertation. I know from the last 6 months that I must turn work away due to my “day job”. No shortage of work out there. I just need to ensure it’s lucrative enough to keep the household afloat
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  5. Ozzyinfla

    Ozzyinfla LawnSite Member
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    Since you took the time to respond. Please define “dirt cheap” also how do you base that $ amount against my current living conditions? I’m all about healthy feedback, just don’t be negative without factoring in some data. I’d expect something with more “meat” from a senior member unless you’re just a disgruntled lawn guy.
  6. Capecoralawn

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    Couple things to look for:
    How organized are they
    Do they have tax records
    Do they use quickbooks if so have them show you customer totals for the last few years to verify they are active customers and good payers
    Make sure they are willing to show you each account and meet each customer

    Are you looking to buy equipment and accounts or just accounts?
    Do not overpay a lot of guys are out there asking too much for too little.

    Some others may have different insight this is just my two cents. I bought two guys out one was very organized and had everything perfect it was so nice the first one I bought out was a little messy but it did boost business.
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  7. AthensGaJohnDeere

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    Sounds like someone in Florida doesn't want anymore competition
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  8. Mow-Daddy.com

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    If he bought out an existing business that does not add any competition.
    Just a new owner of an existing business.
  9. ltdlawn

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    Any market that's offering monthly service can be cut throat.
    The dream of mowing year round in Florida is accompanied by low prices based on threads I've read.
    Pound pavement Facebook Craigslist flyers build your own. Then you get what you want not what is up For grabs
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  10. Landrus2

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    The business you think of buying is the owner going to work with you till you meet all clients.
    Is he giving you time to pay with out interest.
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