Looking to purchase kubota bx or b vs new holland bommer 25

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by USEPLS, Apr 12, 2014.


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    yes that's the one I was looking at I like the fact that it can hold more and the cans don't tear up like the bags do. I don't know any reviews on it the trac vac performance
  2. gcbailey

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    The dealer will do it. Call and let them know you want them filled before you pick it up.
  3. Moose's Mowing

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    I HAD a B3030. HAD is the key word. SHITBOX doesn't even describe it. Problem after problem. Had very little power, it mowed ok, but the hydraulics were very weak. It was a 2006 with 1600 hours. Felt it was going to run itself apart every time I used it. I sold that 3030 and picked up a 2000 NH TC33. LOVE this new (older) tractor. Has 2000+ hours. Solid, powerful, smooth....just wonderful. Night and day difference between the NH and Kubota. The NH has tons more power, especially in the loader. The 3030 wouldn't even pluck a small shrub out of the ground. This past weekend I took down a 20'+ pine tree without getting off the NH. Just knocked it right over with the loader. the 3030 would never have done that. That's my experience with these two brands. Not trying to start a brand war, but the NH wins hands down.

    I had a smaller Kioti when I first started out. That was a solid capable little machine as well. But at 19 hp at the pto, it lacked the power I was wanting, but it did pull a 5' bush hog through thick stuff often without bogging down too much. That Kioti actually handled hogging better than the 3030 did. I wouldn't hesitate to look at another Kioti, but I'll never again even consider anything Kubota.
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    Everyone should me looking at the LS tractor company also. The NH Boomer tractors are MADE BY LS. They are the same tractor with a slightly different color blue. You can get the same tractor by the LS brand for MUCH cheaper and you get better, longer warranty with the LS. 3 year bumper to bumper 5 year power train. The LS brand uses their own FEL that has greater capacity than the NH Boomer loader also. I just bought a brand new LS and I'm blown away by how nice it is. It's much nicer finished than the Mahindra Max series that I also considered.
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    I purchased b 2620 i havent had a problem...it has been good for what i doing in the city of chicago moving mulch cutting vacant lots etcc....so i have snow broom attachement and loader attachments as well.

    So going into the winter i have a few questions do i need a block heater on the unit going into the winter if im going to leave it outside in my box truck thru out the winter

    also does anyone have any thoughts on curtis cab vs original cab trying to figure which to go with looking at price vs durablity

    thanks for thoughts
  6. JCLawn and more

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    It will start when it is pretty cold. The only thing is the battery will loose cca when it is cold and that is most the battle. It has glow plugs so it will start when it is cold. I'd just put a battery tender on it and call it good.
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  7. gcbailey

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    Oh ya, I have added a 5' brush hog this summer too. The 2920 has no problem with it. I've only used it in level to lightly rolling situations, nothing too steep.

    JC is right on the cold weather starting, the battery will be the weak point.

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    I wasn't familiar with a battery tender but I did look it up on internet so I will look to get one.
  9. lawn king

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    Good choice! I purchased a 2320 last December and like all my other kubotas its been awesome! Don't put any stock in the post from moose, he had a bad experience with one Kubota tractor and now bashes all kubotas! there is a reason Kubota is #1 in compact utility tractors! Let alone the thousands of bobcats with Kubota diesels, The 2620 is a sweet ride, you will be very happy with it.
  10. meets1

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    Good choice. NEver will own a NH again. Way to many problems. Have had 4 of these tractors due to dealer being right here in town.

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