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Discussion in 'Employment' started by GreenGirl, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. GreenGirl

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    My name is Connie and I am hoping to relocate to Florida. I am currently in NC. I have my AS in Horticulture and hold several Certificates and Diplomas in Nursery, Greenhouse production, Garden Center Mgmt, Installation and Design. I have worked at a few hort related jobs since graduating in 2005 including marketing plants to different chain stores, Greenhouse and nursery and most recently Assistant Maintenance manager. I managed commercial properties and accounts, scheduled and managed maintenance crews and designed and installed annual plants. I currently hold a NC Pesticide applicators license and am willing to apply for any FL licenses. Of course, to be prepared to learn about local plant material and turf. I am open to any hort related jobs maintenance, installation, sales etc. I have been searching on line but get lost in the internet. I hope to find a reputable company with benefits, relocation assistance(possibly). I am assertive, have excellent communication skills, can multitask, a great attitude and good manager. I am working on my Spanish but I always communicated enough to get the job done. If anyone knows of a good place to start or know of anyone is hiring in that area that would be great. I am just not quite sure on how to go about it from out of state.

    Thanks :usflag:
  2. Rich's LS

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    Check With Davey (407) 566-2114 in Celebration Fl (Orlando) They seem to be a good company to work for. You can either ask to speak to Terry, Tom, Or Garth.

    Good luck
  3. Sandgropher

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    You will not have any trouble finding a job in Florida Connie, if you do i am bringing you to Australia. :)

    I have said it before guys the best man for the job is a woman, they work harder with less allround hassles. good luck Connie :usflag:

    P.S you are not sure how to go about getting a job out of state? you are in the best place right now :)
  4. Brianslawn

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    i dont know colin. most have tried to scam me or steal from me. had 2 disappear and never come back for paycheck. phone disconnected, too. only ever had 1 that was worth a chit and she was a pita to work with and quit cause she didnt want to do any leaves or landscaping in the fall. im still waiting for a woman to prove she can last a whole year doing a MAN'S work.

    on the positive side.... good luck. you can work for sfl. hes lookin for some women workers. :waving:
  5. Sandgropher

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    Thats a pity to hear i,ve heard good reports on the whole, i think everybody would be better off finding women that have a genuine love of landscaping etc Connie fits the bill IMO, just remember to wear a skimpy bikini to the interview so the company can see if your an "assets":rolleyes: for them lol.

    Good luck hope to hear how you go & hear of your adventures :usflag:
  6. Brianslawn

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    my friends hire an 18 year old girl to work in their sign shop. she got a papercut and started screaming bloody murder. they had to take her to the hospital she was so out of control. hospital put a bandaid on and billed them $250. :laugh:

    she was fired after 2 weeks. when she was hired she was talking about wanting to go into the army. :dizzy: :hammerhead:
  7. jwscroll

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    Got a few ladies here in Brevard that'll work alot of "men" I know under the table. One of which happens to work for me. Another that I know owns and operates her own detail buisiness and does well at it. On the flip side, I had to get rid of a lady solely due to her attitude at work both towards myself and some of my customers. She was a great worker, but the con's outnumbered the pro's.
  8. DreamscapeDesigns

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    Are you interested in moving to Atlanta GA area?
  9. South Florida Lawns

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    Yeah Florida is pretty nice down here for the green industry.

    But it can get stressful down here, in my area anyway.

    Its the opposite for me I wanna move to the mountains and NC is perfect.
  10. DESTEFANO3782

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    I Owned A Business In The Palm Beach Area And Mowed About 200 Lawns A Week And Some Small Commercial Stuff. I Moved To Mass And Am Making About Triple The Money And Working For 8 Months Instead Of 12 And Have Spring And Fall Cleanups To Make Up For The 4 Months Off And Get Plowing As A Bbonus. Mowing Lawns For 10 Bucks Is Tough In Fl Unless You Mow 20 In The Same Gated Community And Even Then Its Tuff.

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