Looking to Setup Organic Tea Brewer & Organic Tea Sprayer, need help!!!

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Rick13, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Rick13

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've done a few searches one Organic Tea Brewing & Organic Tea Spraying: and there's a ton of helpful information on Lawnsite.

    GeoTea Brewer sounds like a great machine for the price and quantity you can produce (up to 250 gallons undiluted). Then you can mix with water for spraying at 3 to 1.

    But I'm just starting to get this going in Rockford and a lot of people have no idea on organic tea brewing/spraying or organic compost spreading is, so I don't want to get stuck making such large quantities of organic tea and producing huge amounts of waste=losing money.

    So should I go large for future growth or use KIS (Keep It Simple, Inc) and buy Microbulator 50 Gallon Brewer for around $600.00? I can still dilute it and get 200 gallons of organic compost tea for a sprayer...which would give me a good starting point.

    So what Organic Brewer do you recommend?

    Now the second part.... I want a Organic Tea Sprayer (and it can be trailer mounted) to have an aerator to keep the organic tea alive while I'm driving for best results in the customer's yard.

    And I've read that Turbo Turf HS 300 gallon skid mounted sprayer is a great way to go. You can use it for hydro seeding or organic tea spraying by changing the hose sizes. The smaller size for longer runs to spray organic tea and the larger size to spray hydro seed.

    Will the Turbo Turf hurt the organic tea? What psi do you recommend to spray at?

    And do you think a riding spraying machine would work better in customer's yards? I could still have the sprayer and then a rider to spray the customer's yard also.

    And if you think a rider could handle the material of organic tea, what company do you recommend?

    So it's three questions:

    Best Organic Tea Brewer?

    Best Organic Tea Sprayer?

    Can a Riding Spraying Machine handle Organic Tea's Material...without plugging and not filtering all the good stuff out with a strainer or mesh bag?

    Just trying to get my ducks in a row for Spring 2013.

    Thanks for any and all help!!!!


    P.S. Peter Schmidt from Compostwerks.com was very helpful yesterday on the phone, he said I could always got to a garden or a local fair and set up a booth and give out free samples of organic compost tea. I should have My Information on a label, so customers could try the product in hopes they would see good results and want to buy more organic compost tea. Which is a great idea!
  2. Rick13

    Rick13 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sorry, I typed in wrong model for Turbo Turf sprayer....its a Turbo Turf EH 300 gallon skid type, 13 hp Honda with Electric Start, 3'"x3" pump, that can hydro seed 4000 sq ft.
  3. Rick13

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    I talked to Growing Solutions Inc. today...and after hearing about their Compost Tea Brewer System 100...their setup sounds good too.

    Michael Alms said that they would have a "Winter Discount" starting in December....so he said that he would let me know what my final costs would be.

    There sales pitch was, you only need three things to brew a great compost tea. Well maybe four...

    1. One of their machines... System 100 (is the one I'm interested in).
    2. Good supply of organic compost to fill the four stainless steel compost baskets.
    3. Growing Solution Inc. sells their own "Compost Tea Catalyst" that has all the ingredients to brew your tea. Based on how large of a brew you are making, will determine how much Compost Tea Catalyst you will need. So for a 100 gallons, it would be 30 oz. (1.875 pounds) of their Compost Tea Catalyst. 9 pounds cost $120.00 plus shipping.
    4. Chlorine free water....after filling the compost tea brewer from my fire hydrant in front of the house.... Growing Solutions said it would take from 30 mins to an hour of running the pump to get rid of the chlorine. Then I could start brewing My Tea.

    Clean up looks fair simple and fast. And replacement parts are fairly cheap $20 to $30 range....every few years. Replace Aeration Disks and Air Stones. Not a deal breaker there.

    The cost is a little more up front ($4,500 before Winter Sale Price), easy to make compost teas, and very easy clean up....which would save a lot of time. Maybe in the long run, it would make up for the larger expense of the compost brewer???

    Does any one know about this company or their compost tea brewers?

    Thanks for any help!

  4. NattyLawn

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    I've never dealt with Growing Solutions personally, but I say hell no to their brewer price and the "catalyst". If you have good compost and know when the tea is where you want it be (more timing than anything), you don't need a "catalyst".

    In your original post, you mentioned the Microbulator from KIS. KIS sells the unit, but the real person behind the Microbulator is Tim Wilson from www.microbeorganics.com. If this is something your serious about, buy a microscope, microbe ID DVD (I think it's included with a scope) and the Microbulator. Tim used to say the Micro. is ugly but cheap and efficient. If you want the most bang for your buck, then this is the way to go.

    As far as sprayers go, it seems to depend on your budget. $2 grand for a 50 gallon setup seems steep. I would look into http://www.gregsonclark.com/products.html and possibly green pro solutions. Make sure you can spray at least 4 gallons per minute with any rig. I do like your hydro seeder option, but don't know much about it.

    For the ride on application, this is somewhat a point of contention, as their is a SS220 unit that some people claim can spray tea. IMO, it doesn't put out enough volume. Look into Z-Spray. They do a lot of custom things on their ride ons and can put together a spray system that would do the job. I did talk to the makers of the T3000 as well. They claimed they had a 50 gallon tank that sat in the hopper as well as a boom and pump that could do the job.
  5. Rick13

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    Thanks NattyLawn for your input. I am hoping to talk to Tim Wilson in a day or two. I've found it interesting hear the different brewing setup and their theory's on why they've got the best machines.

    You are right, Tim Wilson's Microbulator is the best bang for the buck! And he has tested results to back up his machine....which is a very big deal!

    I'm hoping to have a skid sprayer with either a tow behind sprayer for back yards that I can pull it with a lawn tractor or if it was too over the top, a Z-Max sprayer would be great with the boom sprayer...my dream setup!!!

    I just don't think 200 to 300 feet is enough hose for some of the yards around here, so that's why I need something mobile for the rear yards.

    Then I can use the skid sprayer to agitate the tea and also fill the tow behind or rider.

    It cost a little more this way, but then I can deal with almost any yard then.
  6. phasthound

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    Tim Wilson is the way to go. His brewer design is unique and cost effective.
    His knowledge and support are a huge bonus for anyone beginning to brew AACT.
  7. Rick13

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    Sent Tim Wilson and email today for his thoughts on compost tea brewing. Should hear from him in a day or two.

    Do you guys know anything about "Purple Cow Compost"? They are located in Middleton, Wisconsin. It's pricey but sounds like it might be a super compost for high end customers.

    Has anyone used their products in the past?

    What did you think of the results?

    Customer happy?
  8. Rick13

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    I think I've got my plan set up...at least in my head.

    Here in Northern IL, we have fairly large yards, and sometimes 300' of hose will not work spreading compost tea.

    And I kept trying to think what would work good for me, since I think a riding sprayer would be great!

    So here's my idea for spread organic compost tea:

    I will get a enclosed trailer set up to hold a 200 gallon recirculating tank so I can nurse off the 200 gallon tank.

    Then I will have a John Deere Gator that has 50 to 65 gallon tank mounted in the rear bed. Off of the John Deere Gator's tank, I will have boom sprayer off the rear bumper so I can spray larger area's of a yard.

    This sprayer will also have a hose/reel of 200' feet of hose....so I can spray hard to reach areas and back yards with fences.

    Each time I need to fill the Gator Spray tank, I will go back to the nurse tank that recirculating to keep the micros alive and fill up the Gator.

    This way I get my mobile spraying station.... I can cover large area quickly, and have the flexibility to reach hard to get areas with hose connected to the Gator Sprayer.

    So what do you guys think???

    Do you think Gregonclark.com would be a good company or do you recommend someone else?

    I know John Deere has a tank system kinda like this....but I want something more geared towards compost tea spraying.

  9. phasthound

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  10. Rick13

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    Thanks phasthound for that video....it's great!!!!

    That's a great idea....having the GeoTea maker as your spraying rig and compost tea brewer....all in one!

    I would copy them....but where it would be a problem for residential would be trees, fences, and any other landscaping when sharp or tight turns are needed.

    Their set up for spraying sports fields is ideal....and that's a great way.

    If my business gets big enough....and I can justify and have very large areas to spray....I will go that route.

    For now....I think I will look for a John Deere Gator....get a 100 gallon tank in the back of the bed (I won't fill it all the way up....because it would be over it's 1000 pound weight limit)....and then have a boom sprayer on the back tailgate. So I can spray the large areas....and then have 200 ft of hose, so I can spray backyards with fences or tight areas where the Gator won't fit.

    That's my game plan....I've got a Turbo Turf 500 gallon sprayer that I will use as a nurse tank for My Organic Compost Tea....so now I'm looking for a good deal on a used Gator and I think I've found a sprayer for the rear bed area on the Gator.

    So it all takes a little bit of time.

    Anyone else have any good ideas??????

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