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Looking to start a lawncare business

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Hi, IM going through the motions of gathering all the expense with starting a lawn care company. I was wondering if i could Use a 1998 oldsmobile silhouette to haul all my equipment with a trailer attached?

I was also thinking of going with a 48" CC commercial grade mower.

^-^ anything else i should know please tell me.
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This is my first year starting back up in a new area. I have all the equipment I need for my solo outfit. My equipment has been bought and paid for from when I was in business before. But I have been struggling to get customers but the only thing that I have had to pay out this year was my insurance So I am OK. Do you have any accounts lined up yet?

The last thing you are going to want to do is plunge into debt to start your business. You will be selling off your equipment by mid summer because you are not making enough to pay for the overhead. There are tons of guys running around town with set-ups like yours and worse. Just save up to buy better equipment and a truck but for now I would use what you have. But make sure you register your business with the state, get insured and pay your taxes.
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